How to view number as currency in Excel 2016 on Windows 10

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Show number as currency in Excel: - Microsoft Office improves with each new edition. Excel 2016 also has some great features that you shouldn't miss. New graphical representations are available, such as funnel and waterfall diagrams. The latest features added this year include improved autocomplete and more features like IF, SWITCH, etc. This post is about displaying a number as a currency in the latest version of Excel.

  • Select the cell where you want to make changes.

  • From the menu, select Home form.

  • You will see options like Font, Alignment, Number, etc. Click the arrow in the lower right corner of Number.

  • A window appears with some number formatting options. Click on Accounting. Then, scroll through the options corresponding to Symbol. You have many options to choose from. Choose the symbol you want to see before the number.

You also have another option to choose the number of decimal places after the number. Increase or decrease using the Decimals button.

  • If you want to display negative numbers, choose the option Number. Then there are four other options to choose from. Select the one you prefer to display a negative number. You can display the negative number in red or with a negative sign or both.

The image below shows the numbers represented in various currency formats.

And this image below shows the effect of negative symbols on numbers.

You can also apply these effects to multiple cells. For that, select all cells and apply the same steps as above. Whenever you are writing an important document that requires a lot of currency symbols, you can use this feature. This is much simpler than typing the symbol from the keyboard. It also provides a lot more options than just keyboard inputs. Similarly, to show deficits or losses, use the negative number option. So next time, feel free to try them out!

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