I can't log in to my Gmail account: how to fix

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If you can't log into your Gmail or Google account from the Gmail login page, try the solutions below.

Gmail login failed: how to fix

Check your email and password

Make sure you enter the correct email and password. The email you enter must also include the domain, for example you must also enter @ Gmail.com.

Make sure the password is correct. If your password is stored in a password manager or in your browser's autofill data, look for it to make sure you entered it correctly.

How to find .

Check the status of the service

Check if Gmail is active by visiting the. You should also try logging into Gmail from its mobile apps. If you are able to use the Gmail mobile app to sign in, the sign in issues may be related to your browser.

Clear cookies and cache

Try cleaning your browser's cookies and cache. Often times, problems with these files could prevent Gmail from logging in.

Find out how to clear cookies and cache on most web browsers.

Check devices for confirmation email

If you sign in to a new device, you may have received a message from Gmail on one of your registered devices, such as a phone that has the Gmail app installed and configured. The message will be used to verify your login.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • Look for a message from Gmail on a new login.
  • Tap the number indicated in the message to confirm access.

In addition to the email you may have received a login notification, press and confirm on it to login.

Try a different browser or browser profile

Try using a different browser to log into Gmail. If your browser supports multiple profiles, try creating a new profile and use it to log into Gmail.

Retrieve the Google account you use to log into Gmail

It is possible that you are entering the wrong password. In this case, you can try to recover your account and reset your password.

  • Go to Gmail.
  • click on Forgot email.
  • Enter your phone number or any email address you remember.
  • Please enter your first and last name.
  • Gmail will tell you if it was able to find the email. If not, the problem is that you entered the wrong email.
  • If the email address is correct, you can recover the password.
  • Gmail will send a verification code to your mobile device (or another registered device).
  • Enter the code and set a new password.
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