Instagram does not work, even Facebook gives problems: the situation

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No, it's not a problem with your connection or smartphone: Instagram doesn't work well right now, and neither Facebook. The two social networks, this afternoon, are not running as they should: it is a world down, and in Spain the most affected cities are Rome, Perugia, Milan and Turin. Here are all the details.

Instagram doesn't work, Facebook goes in fits and starts

Another black day for Instagram e Facebook: the two platforms are not working properly all over the world at all. More or less from 15 pm, Spanish users began to experience some problems in the use of the two social networks, but at the time of writing the situation seems to have worsened.

At a European level, as reported by the very useful portal, London and Amsterdam are the most affected cities, although many reports have also come from Kiev, Berlin, Helsinki, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon and Madrid. As for Spain, as we said, the cities most affected are Rome, Perugia, Milan and Turin.

But what do users complain about? Basically of fail to update the feed nor to publish stories on Instagram, as well as to publish any type of content (this also on Facebook). Some apparently aren't even being able to log into their account.

Instagram doesn't work: problems all over the world

Not only reports from European and Spanish users: the situation also appears complex in the USA, which had to deal with this unexpected down on Thanksgiving. The most affected platform, however, seems to be Facebook, with reports of this content: “I can't see my photos on my profile anymore”; "Unable to login"; “The gang of stories does not appear to me. How is this problem solved? ".

Meanwhile, the first statements from the development team of Mark Zuckerberg arrive: “We know that some people are having difficulty accessing the Facebook family of apps. We are working to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible “.

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