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are you facing?Invalid value for the registererror when trying to open an image in Windows 10? You may encounter a similar error message when you try to open photos, pdf, music or any other type of file. If you get this error when trying to open an image, simply restart the Photos application will fix this problem on your computer. Follow these steps to do it:

Fix 1 - Restore Photos App

1. Press Tasto Windows + I to open the settings window.

2. Scroll down and then click "Applications".

3. Then click on "App and features".

4. Next, on the right side of the Settings window, click on the Search box and type “Photography".

5. Then simply click on "Photography"In the search result, then click"Advanced options".

6. Now click Correction To repair it.

Now try again, if it still doesn't work, try to reset it.

7. Now scroll down the Photos settings and click on "Restart”To restore the application to its default state.

8. Again, click "Restart”To confirm the restart process.

Restart your computer.

Once Photos application restarts, try opening the image on your computer again. This time you will see the image.

Solution 2: Use the registry editor

1. Press the key Windows kesì from your keyboard.

2. Then type "regedit“And press the 'buttonPay in' key.

3. Now, before doing anything with the registry editor, click File> Export to perform a backup and then continue to the next step.

4. Go to the following path in the registry editor.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Classi Impostazioni locali Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion AppModel Repository Families Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe

5. Now, Get rid of each key present in the form of Microsoft.Windows.Foto. from the extended list.

Don't worry about the keys as they will appear there again once you close the registry editor and restart your PC. So after that, just restart your computer.

Your problem should be solved.

Solution 2: use SFC / SCANNOW

1. close DCM in the Windows 10 search box and right click on it "Symbol of the system“And choose run as administrator.

2. Now type "SFC / scannow“And hit Pay in key.

Wait for the command to run completely.

Close the CMD window.

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