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Great sports fans are always looking for alternative ways to not miss any sporting event. One of the most used systems is undoubtedly Telegram. In fact, despite being a messaging application, it allows you to enjoy numerous contents, such as the matches of various sports. But one wonders: watching games on Telegram is legal? In this article we will try to give a concrete answer, so as to understand what the legislation supports in this regard.

In particular, we want to state that with this article we do not want to encourage piracy, and that ours is simply an article for information purposes for the user, therefore we are not responsible for any illegal use of what is mentioned.

Having said that, we hope that this topic is of interest to you, finally managing to understand if watching games on Telegram is legal.

Is watching games on Telegram legal? Here is the answer

Telegram is a messaging application that has also specialized in creating channels and groups, useful for finding numerous contents.

In fact, in this app it is possible to find channels relating to multiple topics, including those dedicated to sport that publish working links for streaming matches on a daily basis. But then you are wondering: Is watching games on Telegram legal? The answer varies according to the use made of it.

In fact, the law establishes that it is forbidden to disseminate, download and upload copyrighted content, but it does not define whether it is actually illegal to "watch" content uploaded by others. In order not to risk heavy penalties, we recommend avoiding, always relying on streaming platforms that have purchased the copyrights (read also Where they show Serie A matches for free).

If you are interested in knowing how to see the games on Telegram, then follow the advice listed below:

  1. As a first step you have to download the Telegram application, to do this, go to your App Store in the case of an iOS device, or Play Store in the case of an Android device;
  2. Start the download of the app and wait for this to be concluded;
  3. Open Telegram and type in the search bar the name of the Telegram channel that interests you most;
  4. Then click on Join the channel.

Now you will receive all the updates regarding the reference channel, in particular you will receive a notification every time a new link for streaming is uploaded (also discover Best Illegal Telegram Bots).

The channels to see the games we want to recommend are:

  1. Sport Live Free (;
  2. Sports Facts (;
  3. Sports Streaming (;
  4. Sport Live Free (

They are all complete and functional, thus allowing you to receive constant updates on games in progress. These channels are designed for a multitude of sports, such as Moto GP, Formula 1, volleyball, football, tennis and basketball. In fact, the main championships are broadcast, so as not to miss any sporting event.

But not only that, results, statistics, news and other important and engaging updates are also often published.

As for the links, they are always working, but you won't always find the games commented in Spanish, as they are often foreign links. In any case, the quality is optimal, as well as the audio.

Is watching games on Telegram legal? Solutions

In this article we have tried to answer the question: Is watching games on Telegram legal? As we have seen, it is good to avoid using content covered by copyright, in fact with this text we did not want in any way to encourage piracy.

We always suggest relying on platforms that have purchased the rights to stream the matches. In any case, we hope that this article has been to your liking and that it has been useful for you to finally find an answer to your question. Read also: Is watching movies on Telegram legal? Reply

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