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Are you unable to delete a particular file from a folder in Windows 10 when you get an error message?Item not found? In that case, there is no need to worry. There is a very simple solution to fix this problem on your computer. You can delete the file from the command prompt by passing a delete command along with the path to the file / folder.

How to fix: Item not found while trying to delete

Follow these steps and you can delete the problematic file / folder.

1. Alone the right mouse button in the file or folder you want to delete.

2. Click property.

3. Now copy the file Location You can see.

Close the Properties window.

4. By pressing the "Windows key' With 'RThe 'button will open the file run window.

5. Digita “cmd"And then you have to press"Log in".

System symbol the window will open.

5. In the System Symbol window, copy, paste and edit these commands, then press Enters.

cd paste the file/folder location


This command should look like this:

cd C: Users Sambit AppData Local Microsoft Media Player

6. Now, run this command to list all the subdirectories in that folder.

you /x

7. Now in the subdirectories, look at the codename of the folder you want to delete.

(Example: as we will delete the 'Cache79288687', the folder path will be "CACHE7 ~ 1" for us.)

8. Simply copy paste this command in Window System Symbol e Modify until the end, then press Log in to run it on your computer.

rmdir /q /s folder code


Replace the ‘folder code‘ with the folder code you noticed in the previous step ( Step-7).

example-For us the command will look something like this-

rmdir /q /s  CACHE7~1 


After running this command on your computer, the folder will be deleted.

Close Window system symbol.

That is! You have successfully deleted the specific folder from your computer.

Your problem should be solved.

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