Make a copy of the file with the deleted properties in Windows 10

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How to make a copy with some properties removed in Windows 10: - Suppose you have just created a text file or any other file and want to share it with your friend. There is a possibility that your friend is sharing the same file with someone else. In that case, you don't want to share some of the properties of your file to keep the file private. The properties include some of the secret data associated with the file. When the file is forwarded to someone, those properties will also be transferred along with the file. So now you want to share the file without those properties.

Windows 10 surprised us with its amazing features. Windows has a function to remove this property from the file. In the context menu of any file, there is an option called Create a copy with all possible properties removed. This function allows you to create a copy of the file with the properties removed. This copy can be shared with anyone so that no personal information associated with the file is shared. If you are a Windows 10 user and find yourself in a similar situation, you can follow the steps below to share your files with the secret or important properties removed.

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1 method

  • Find the file you want to share and right-click on it. From the context menu, click Properties.

  • Click on the Details tab on the Properties window.

  • At the bottom of the window, you can see a link. Delete property and personal information Blue in color. Click on the link.

  • Another Remove Properties window will appear. You can see two radio buttons. One of the radio buttons is called Make a copy with all possible properties removed. Click that button. By default, that button is selected. Then click OK button.

  • The steps mentioned above may not remove all private data associated with the file. If you want to remove other properties, click the second radio button called Remove the following properties from file. Then mark the options with a check mark.

  • Now you can see a new file created in the same directory with a name - Copy appended to the file name.

  • Now right click on the file you just created, click on Properties then click on Tab Details. You can see that all personal data is removed from the file.

2 method

  • Again, find the file and click on it. From the Home ribbon choose Properties and click Remove Property.

  • This will open the Remove Properties window. Method 1 will give you the remaining steps.

You can now share the file with all deleted personal data. Hope you understand the steps clearly.

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