Make invoices with Excel through its templates

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Make invoices with Excel through its templates. The simplest solution for use Excel for invoices is to rely on the templates already set up.

So if you're going to issue invoices via Excel now we will show you how to access these templates according to your needs.

Make invoices with Excel through its templates

To view the invoice templates available in Excel:

  • start Excel on your computer or if you want
  • on its main screen, type "Invoice" in Campo di Ricerca present at the top left (macOS at the top right).

A list of available templates will then appear:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Commercial invoice
  • Invoice in Euros
  • Blank invoice
  • Simple invoice
  • Invoice with financial charges
  • Sales invoice register etc…

Double-click on the template of your interest to start editing it with your data.

How to download Excel invoice templates

If the available models did not meet your needs and you would like to find more, here's what you need to do

  • connected to 
  • click on the item Invoices and find templates for Excel

  • Choose the one you are interested in by clicking on its preview image to access the description
  • presses the button Download to start downloading the model to your computer or click on the option Edit in browser to open the template with Excel Online.

If you have chosen to download the model to your computer, once selected the file will be started automatically with Excel.

How to add invoice templates to Excel

If you want to add the downloaded template to the Excel template list:

On Windows

  • click on the items Fillet e Save with name
  • seleziona l'opzione Shop by Department
  • select the item Excel template via the drop-down menu next to the option Save eat.
  • Then enter the name in the field File name, pigia sul pulsating Save

Your mac

  • Click on the items Fillet e Save as template
  • make sure the folder is selected Patterns next to the item located in and enter a name for the model
  • presses the button Save


On the internet you can find any model if you are still not satisfied then by writing on Google "Excel invoice templates”You can find many others.

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