Methods to fix Action Center cannot be opened in Windows 10

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October 16, 2015 By Directors

Software giant Microsoft released Windows 10 as part of the Windows NT family on July 29, 2015 and received mostly positive reviews. It is designed to seamlessly switch to the mouse-oriented interface from a touchscreen-oriented interface, which the previous version didn't solve very well. Windows 10 replaces the old Internet Explorer with Edge. However, the new browser, Edge, was criticized for being incomplete. The ad campaign had lines like "Make your world better" and "A more humane way of doing it".
But as they say, “To err is human” and the new Windows 10 is no deviation. It has its flaws in that it has come under too much criticism from tech experts who knew this recent Microsoft product is not something they call perfection. Perhaps this advancement in the Windows level is something that cannot be considered completely advancement. Becauss's breakthrough means an improvement, but Windows 10 cannot be called completely better than its previous siblings in the world of operating systems. And in the field of technology, every new feature generates an error. One such flaw, among many recently reported, is the lack of accessibility to the Windows 10 Action Center.
In the following article, we have tried to help you with the problems opening the action center in Windows 10.

You are well aware that the action center is located on the far right of the taskbar (if the location of the taskbar is at the bottom) and the tiles help you in carrying out your tasks with a direct click. There can be many different reasons depending on your PC and other software installed that you cannot access the activity center. We will go through them one by one and hope it solves the problem for you.

How to fix the action center that won't open

Step 1: Try the classic forced shutdown formula. Upon reboot, we expect the Operations Center to function normally.
Step 2: If the above mentioned trick didn't work, don't worry.

Right-click on the taskbar and then go to Properties.

Select the option to automatically hide the taskbar. An "apply" and "ok" and that's it. Check back to the Action Center later to see if it worked or not.

Step 3: Extract a zip file after downloading the ShellExView zip file and then double-click ShellExView.exe
- UAC will ask for your permission to run this software on your system. Affirmative answer.
- After a while this file will open where you will find a huge catalog of files and folders. Look for the one highlighted in pink. A right click on all followed by selecting the option that says "disable selected items"

- When finished, restart your system and check if it worked.

At this point, in most cases, you should have solved the glitch. Unfortunately, if all the above steps didn't help, the only option left is to restore the system. You already know what to do. Before you start, get a backup of all your important files and more.
- Press Win + I to open settings and go to Update & Security.

Click Restore. Press Start, which you'll find under Reset this PC.

- Then, in the pop-up window covering the screen, select Keep my files. Now this will take some time and thus will keep the car free. When you are done, log in and you will surely find the Action Center up and running again.
- The default web browser will show a list of files that were deleted during the operation and here comes the backup feature you have.

This is the ultimate solution and it would do what is needed and the Action Center would work again.

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