Microsoft reveals how to install Windows 11 without TPM

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THEWindows 11 release is a very important event. Like every new launch, this is also accompanied by the reporting of the first bugs and the experiences of the "early adopters". Therefore we have chosen to accompany this moment by pointing out how to check if your PC is compatible and how to install Windows 11.

Microsoft has already published a support web page dedicated to Windows 11 which, curiously, features an official method to bypass TPM 2.0 and CPU controls (attention: TPM 1.2 is still required) and install Windows 11 even on unsupported systems. A surprising choice, if you consider the immovability of the Redmond giant for the minimum requirements of the new version of Windows.

According to BleepingComputer, Microsoft has realized that it cannot ignore the simplicity with which to avoid these checks. It must be said, however, that bypassing the TPM 2.0 and CPU controls is not a reliable solution, especially in the long term, and there are always risks when adding new registry keys or modifying pre-existing entries. An incorrect modification of the registry can in fact corrupt the filesystem, or make the operating system no longer bootable, forcing you to a new installation.

It should be remembered that installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware may also present a greater number of bugs and security holes, so think carefully before doing it on your device. As noted by Microsoft itself, those who wish to follow the guidelines are directly responsible for them. TPM 2.0 is an important security feature, which forms the basis of some of the new features of Windows 11. Understanding and accepting these risks is important before making hasty choices; our advice is to wait until you can upgrade your PC or, alternatively, buy one that supports Windows 11.

That said, if you want to install the new Microsoft OS on your current machine at all costs and accept to take risks, we refer you to this guide in which we explain how to install Windows 11 on unsupported PCs.

Would you like to try Windows 11? You will need a genuine copy of Windows 10.

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