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When updating Windows or installing a new copy of Windows 10, you may get a rare error message stating that the modern configuration host has stopped working. Do not worry. We have selected some simple solutions that address this particular problem. Follow them and the problem will disappear in an instant.

Preliminary checks to do ~

for. Check if the hard drive partition containing Windows 10 actually has 15-30GB of free storage. If not, please empty some files from the drive and try to update the operating system again.

second. Sometimes a fresh restart may be enough.

Solution 1: change different settings

1. Press Tasto Windows + I.

2. Then you need to click on "System“Settings to access it.

3. On the left, click "Notifications and actions".

4. After that, you have to deselect the "Get tips, tricks and tips while using WindowsS “.

5. Click on 'Home"To return.

6. Then you need to click on "Customization".

7. In the section on the left, go to "Home".

8. After that, you should activate or deactivate the option "Show tips from time to time at startup' for "off".

9. Then you need to click on "Home" still.

10. Back in the Settings window, click on "Privacy"Section.

11. On the left side of the window, click on "App in background".

12. Now, simply change any applications you don't want to run in the background to "off".

Close the Settings window. Restart your device.

This should solve the problem for you.

Solution 2: Change your indexing options

Changing the indexing option is also another solution to this problem.

1. Press Windows key with him 'R'key.

2. Then copy paste this code and click on "ok".

control.exe srchadmin.dll

3. When the Indexing Options window appears, you need to click on "Modify".

4. As a next step, you should deselect each box in “Edit selected locations”.

5. When done, click on "ok“At the bottom of the screen.

Close the Indexing Options window.

Restart your system and the problem should be solved.

Fix 3: run SFC and DISM scan

Try running an SFC and DISM scan on your computer to check if any damaged files are causing this problem.

1. Press the Windows key and type "Symbol of the system".

2. Then press "Log in'from the keyboard.

3. When the System Symbol file appears in your window, to run a System File Checker (SFC) file, enter this code and press Log in.

sfc / scannow

4. To perform a deployment image and system file scan, run this code as above.

Dism / Online / Cleanup Image / RestoreHealth

Once the two scans are completed, start again your device.

Fix 4: clean boot of the computer

A clean boot of the computer prevents third-party software from starting.

1. What to do at the beginning of the search "System configuration".

2. Just click on "System configuration".

3. Once in the System Configuration window, click on the "general".

4. Immediately after, select "Selective start"option.

5. After that, check the box next to "Charging system services.

6. Next, go to the "Services"Section.

7. Then click on the "Hide all Microsoft services".

8. Finally, to disable third-party services, click on "Disable everything".

8. Just click on "To apply"TO"ok".

Restart your system and try updating again.

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