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We've all been in situations where we need to create mix tapes for our loved ones, dance contests, annual gatherings, or late night parties. There are many alternatives for the mp3 cutter on the Windows platform. But mp3DirectCut it stands out from the crowd for its extraordinarily light weight (size nearly 400-500kb) and simple interface. Let's see how to use mp3DirectCut to create a mix tape.

Link to download:

The download size is approximately 200-300kb. To install it, right-click the installation file and click "Run as administrator". If you don't use admin privileges, you will face errors.

Once the installation is complete, open the app. During the first run of the app, you will be prompted for the language and there will be another option to use the software as a laptop, we recommend that you disable the portability feature. Now the initial setup is complete, let's see how to mix several mp3s and create a mix tape.

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For demonstration purposes, I'll create a mix tape of my three favorite Linkin Park songs. For easy use, create a temporary folder in the drive and paste all your songs into it, so that it can be easy to import the songs. Before proceeding, make sure that the the songs have the same sample rate and stereo mode, otherwise merging will not work

Folder containing songs

Once you are done, open the software.

To import, the first song follows the passage

Go to File> Open> and select the song you want to import.

Import of the song

The user interface is neat and clean with minimal controls. Don't expect Audacity level features in this software. The software is good enough for making basic mixes.

Main user interface

Now follow the same step and import the remaining 2 songs, into multiple instances of the software.

Import all songs in multiple instances

Once you've imported your songs into multiple instances, you're ready for the next step. The next step is to select the desired part of your songs, you want to create the mix.

To do this, maximize the particular song window

Maximize window

Now, before cutting the song, play it once and write down the seconds mark of the desired part of the song. For example, here I want the song to start from 0 seconds to 30 seconds.

In the box at the bottom left (time selector) enter 0'30.00 in the Now area and press enter. The Seek button jumps to 0'30.00 seconds and there will now be yellow dashed lines in the graph area representing the 30 second mark. Now select the graph area starting from 30 seconds up to the rest of the song and hit the delete icon. Now, if you want to fade the last part of the song, select the graph area and press “Ctrl + F” or go to Edit> Simple fade to / from position. Suppose you want to select any other part, select the unwanted area of ​​the chart and click the Delete button.

Similarly, repeat the previous step for the remaining two songs.

Now the cut part of the three songs is ready. But don't close the mp3DirecCut instance of those songs.

Three songs are ready

Now suppose you want to keep the song "Lies Greed Misery" as the first followed by "Roads Untravelled" and then "Skin to Bone", open the first song. We will consider this as the main track. Now go to the second instance of the song and select the whole graph area and press Ctrl + C now go back to the main track, using the search button go to the last position of the song and press Ctrl + V. Now do the same step for the third remaining song. Finally you have the mixtape with the three songs ready.

Now it's time to save the file. Go to File> Save Complete Audio and choose the track name and click save.

Track saving

Now the complete mixtape is saved in our directory with mp3 extension. Thanks guys for reading. Stay tuned to find out more!

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