MyActivity: how to delete what Google knows about us

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Philippe Gloaguen

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MyActivity how to delete what Google knows about us. All ours research, all the Email sent, the photos published and the contacts added and the personal informations such as name, email, password and date of birth.

It is a service that groups all the activities carried out within the Google system.

Google keeps track of every search we have made. Based on this information, it suggests suitable ads and search results to us.

If you do not want Google to keep track of your activities, we will now explain how to protect your privacy by deactivating or modifying the related parameters.

MyActivity How to delete information

  • go to website
  • on the left Delete activity for
  • down Delete per data
  • select Everlasting in the drop-down menu
  • select All the products
  • Finally we click on Delete

Once this is done, we will have deleted all the information that Google has collected about us.

How to disable data collection on MyActivity

  • we click on Activity management
  • we will now have to disable each service by moving the toggle from On ad off

Choose the services for which Google does not have to track your operations according to your needs.

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