No battery errors detected in Windows 10

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When using a laptop, you need to make sure that the system battery is working properly. Many times the battery may be loose and the system may not be able to detect it. In such cases, you can simply take out the battery and reinsert it properly and it should work. Sometimes, when your system fails to detect the battery, even just restarting your PC can help.

But what to do when everything is fine and you still get an error message "No battery detected? Scary, right? Well the good news is you don't have to worry as there is a pretty quick fix. Let's see how to solve this problem.

Solution: via Device Manager

Step 1: press the Windows key + X together on the keyboard to open the context menu. Click on Device administrator.

Step 2: A Device administrator window, go to Battery and click the down arrow next to it to expand the section.

Step 3: Select the battery, Microsoft ACPI compatible battery and right click on it. Now select Uninstall device give the menu answer.

Now restart your PC and the adapter will be reinstalled automatically on reboot. Now, he won't face "No battery detected“Error again.

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