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We all use YouTube or Facebook on a daily basis to view and upload videos. Before uploading, you may need to edit them. You may be thinking about the difficulty of having paid software. But do not worry ! we have a solution that compares to the paid ones in terms of features. It is none other than the "Openshot video editor" we are talking about. Openshot's video editor is the one that can be downloaded directly from its official website. Here we will discuss some interesting features of the openshot video editor.

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I. Download

click here to go to the download page.

Pagina downloaded

By scrolling down, you can find an option to choose the version of your operating system, once selected, the link to the corresponding installation file will be displayed. Click on it and download the installer. Install it on your system.

ii. Working

Like most software, openshot is a menu-driven application. The features can be used by selecting the appropriate options available in the menu bar and taskbar. Now we can take a look at editing a simple video. The steps are given below.

1. Open the OpenShot video editor. Then you get the following window.

OpenShot main window

2. Import the file you want to edit.
For this go to File -> Import File. Select the file you want.

Import files to edit

3. Once you have selected a file, it is displayed on the left side of the window.

View imported files

4. Add files to the workspace:
First, you need to expand the window to view the workspace. Then click the expand button in the toolbar. Then simply drag and drop the files into the workspace.

Expand the button and workspace

5. After bringing the files into the workspace, you can assign them special effects. If you have multiple files, form a timeline.

Give effects to the video

For this go to “Effects” in the taskbar. The displayed list shows the various effects available. Choose the required one and drag and drop.
6. When you have completed your work, the video can be viewed using the preview window on the right.

7. You can also zoom in and out of files in the timeline for an accurate mix of audio and video.

8. Save the video after editing. File -> save project

Please note that OpenShot also offers us the ability to add static and 3D files.

Hope this helps 🙂

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