outlook in spanish or portuguese after update: how to fix

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outlook in spanish or portuguese after update how to fix in a few simple steps on Windows 10

If after updating your outlook it has a Spanish or Portuguese language, the problem is due to the downloaded updates.

To solve this problem we will have to go to uninstall them.

The updates in question are KB4011086 and KB963677 and the problem will disappear.

outlook in spanish or portuguese after update: how to fix

To uninstall updates on Windows 10 this is the procedure:

How to uninstall windows 10 updates

  • Go up "Settings"(From the Start menu, from the Notification Center or with the shortcut Windows + I)
  • now click on Update and security
  • Then select Windows Update on the left of the window that opens

  • here click the mouse on the link "Update history"
  • in the next screen click on the link "Uninstall updates"

  • the section "Updates installed"In the Control Panel

  • go to the updates section "Microsoft Office"Installed
  • Look for updates for KB4011086 and KB963677
  • right-click on the update you are interested in and in the context menu click on the item "Uninstall"
  • therefore to follow confirm the intention to uninstall the selected update

At the end to complete the uninstallation it will be necessary to restart the computer and check if the problems have been solved.

Disable Automatic Windows 10 updates

We remind you that the updates, if not blocked, will be installed again when windows restart if your computer is connected to the internet, so to avoid:

Windows 10 Pro

  1. Seek Change Group Policy in Start to open theLocal Group Policy Editor.
  2. From the menu on the left select Administrative Models, then go to Windows Components > Windows Update and double click on the item Configure Automatic Updates.
  3. Select Activated at the top left, from the drop-down menu at the bottom choose 2 -Notice for download and installation and confirm by pressing OK.

Windows 10 Home

Unfortunately, the Group Policy Editor is not available on Windows 10 Home, but you can achieve a similar result setting up a metered connection here's how to do it

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