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Windows 10 desktop wallpaper has a setting that you can use to automatically change your desktop wallpaper every n minutes or seconds. Now, you no longer change your desktop wallpaper every time you get bored. Follow the steps below to reset the shuffle function in Windows 10.

How to enable automatic shuffling of Windows 10 desktop background every n seconds

1. Click the start button and then the gear icon to open settings.

2. Now click Customization.

3. Click background in the menu on the left.

4. On the right side, select Company introduction from the drop-down menu in background

5. Click look choose pictures for Company introduction.

6. Now, search for a particular folder of images you want to display the slideshow on the desktop with.

7. Establish time to mix the desktop background by choosing the preferred range of change photo every section. You can set the time from 1 minute to 1 day.

8. Also, turn on shuffle play and turn on the option that says Allow slideshow when running on battery.

The customization you can do

  1. You can select and deselect the default backgrounds provided by microsoft.
  2. You can browse and select a particular image folder on your PC to search all images here and set them as editable wallpapers.
  3. You can turn the shuffle function on or off here
  4. You can change the time after which the image changes. You can set the interval in as little as 10 seconds.

Download new wallpapers for Windows 10

Microsoft's official theme repository has some great wallpapers. You can browse and download thousands of themes from the site.

Download more wallpapers for Microsoft Windows

Where are wallpapers downloaded in Windows 10?

The wallpapers are located in the following path: C: Windows Web

There are two visible folders, namely screen Y background

Lock screen wallpapers are located in the screen folder. The wallpapers for changing the wallpaper are saved in the Wallpaper folder. Now download and save the downloaded wallpapers in background binder. If you want to change your lock screen, put it in your lock folder.

Note - You can also customize your wallpaper preferences by following the steps below.

Step 1 - Press key Windows + i to open systems

Step 2 - Click Personalization from the list of options

3 pass - You can also customize the Windows 10 desktop wallpaper here using the following options

  1. You can choose Image or solid color as your desktop background here.
  2. You can browse to put your personal album as a gallery to change backgrounds
  3. You can choose your image as fill, stretch, center or tile here by choosing the option through the drop down box.


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