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Windows 10 comes with Microsoft's OneDrive by default to help you easily sync your data across all your devices. This makes it particularly useful and practical. But during use, anything can happen and you may end up accidentally deleting a specific file / folder from the OneDrive Local folder on your computer. You may feel distressed and have the impression that all your data has been lost and cannot be recovered.

Well, you don't have to worry, as you may have guessed, I have a nice trick for you that you can use to recover accidentally deleted files and folders from the local OneDrive folder on your PC. No, I'm not just going to ask you to check your recycle bin and restore it, because that would have been smart and you've already checked your local recycle bin. 🙂

Instead, I'll introduce you to the OneDrive security feature which prevents such incidents from occurring and can help you recover deleted OneDrive data. You may be using File Explorer to browse OneDrive content.

Fortunately, if you're on Windows 10 and have file history enabled, you can simply get a modified version of the document recovered from the Windows registry. Or, if you have an older version of Windows, you can probably use a third-party utility to recover deleted files.

There is another way to recover a recently deleted file or folder from the local OneDrive folder. You see, once you proceed to delete a file or folder from the local OneDrive folder, one copy of the file or folder goes to the local trash and another copy to the OneDrive trash.

This, in turn, means that even if you've cleaned and emptied the local recycle bin, you can still find a cached copy of the recently deleted file or folder from the local One-drive folder in the OneDrive web recycle bin.

A copy of the deleted file or folder still remains intact in format.

Follow the steps I have listed in the simple steps below, to restore a recently deleted file or folder from your local OneDrive folder.

How to recover deleted files from local OneDrive folder

1- Go to

2- log in with your microsoft credentials

3- Wait for the page to load

4- Once the page is loaded, search Trash can in the left pane under Shared.

5- Click on it to view the recently deleted files in the recycle bin.

6- Select the files or folders you want to restore and click Restore top right panel.

7- You can also restore an item by right clicking on it and selecting Restore.

8- Since you have deleted the files from the local OneDrive storage folder, they will be returned to the local recycle bin.

9- Open the recycle bin and select the files.

10- Right click on them and select Reset to restore them completely.

You have now restored deleted files or folders from local OneDrive folder on Windows 10 computer tour 🙂

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