Repair computer restarted due to problem check error in Windows 10

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Upon restarting the computer, sometimes a BSOD crash indicating the error message “Computer restarted from bugcheck” can cause problems. Don't worry about this problem. There are some simple solutions to this problem.

Fix-1 Run Windows Memory Diagnostics-

Windows Memory Diagnostics can detect and fix memory-related problems.

1. Close “the memory“In the search box.

2. Then click on "Windows memory Diagnostic“To access it.

3. When the Windows Memory Diagnostic file is displayed, click on the "Restart now and check for problems (recommended)".


If you want to schedule this search for the next reboot, click "Check for problems the next time you start your computer"option.

The system memory unit will be checked thoroughly for minor errors.

After restarting your computer,

Driver Checker Fix-2 Run-

Driver Checker can fix this problem.


This solution involves some steps that require a higher level of computer knowledge. Please follow the steps given below carefully. A single mistake can cause irreversible damage to the system.

1. Click Windows key and writes "Checker".

2. Then press the "Log in'Driver Control access key.

3. When the Driver Checker file is displayed, click on the "Create custom configurations (for code developers)"option.

4. Next, click on “The next".

5. A list of drivers will be displayed. Select all drivers from the list EXCEPT these two-

for. Random simulation with few resources

second. DDI compliance check

7. After verifying all but the drivers, click "The next".

8. Now click on "Select conductor names from a list".

9. Then click on "The next".

10. Here you will see a list of drivers installed on your system. Just select all the drivers that are DO NOT from Microsoft.

11. After selecting all non-native drivers, click "To finish".

12. The System Symbol file must be accessed with administrative rights. To do this, type "cmd“In the search box.

13. Then, right-click on "Symbol of the system", Followed by a click on"Run as administrator".

14. To ensure that Driver Checker is running, run this simple code in the terminal CMD. Write this line and press Log in.

verifier /querysettings

Close the Window System Symbol.

Restart your Windows 10 device.

After restarting, the problem will be solved.

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