Repair lines of recorded video from Windows 10 camera app

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November 19, 2020 For Administration

Windows 10 has had its ups and downs since its launch, and the response has been mixed according to initial reports.

But there is a persistent bug in Windows 10, which seems to affect many users. Many users have encountered horizontal lines on their device screen.

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Whenever someone with the error tried to open a video recording / watch video / watch video online, they were greeted with some weird horizontal lines across one half of the screen, while the other half is not affected.

Having encountered this error / problem firsthand really makes watching and recording videos a hassle on the device. The error reaches Facebook and other applications, which makes the videos not viewable in the specific application.

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There are 2 possible solutions for this problem which require you to uninstall and reinstall the different drivers depending on their functions.

Method 1: uninstall the drivers

a) Right-click the file Home.

b) Select Device administrator.

c) When the Device Manager window opens, find and expand Display adapter controller by double clicking on them / clicking on the arrow.

d) Once expanded, find your graphics card in the list below e The right mouse button In that.

e) Select Uninstall.

f) Wait for the uninstall to finish and remove the drivers if Windows asks for it.

g) Follow the on-screen instructions e Curriculum vitae the system when required.

h) Open Device Manager and right-click the graphics card again.

I select Check for hardware changes.

Windows should now detect the graphics card as new hardware installed in the machine and automatically download and update the appropriate drivers.

Once done, you can check the horizontal lines problem, if it still persists you can follow Method 2 and try to fix the problem.

Alternative method: Scan Windows for the latest drivers or update drivers

Windows is often able to update drivers and download new ones on its own. If Windows can identify your hardware, you can easily check your local storage, as well as the Internet, for available drivers / installable updates.

a- Click on the Start menu.

b- Search Update in the search bar.

c- Select Look for updates From the results.

d- It will take you to the Windows Update page where you will see all available updates.

e- Install any updates that Windows has listed there to try to fix the problem.

This should remove the horizontal lines from the camera app.

If not / You don't see any updates in the Update window, you can try the last resort.

Visit the manufacturer page and download all the necessary drivers for your PC, including the chipset, graphics card, sound card, other audio drivers, and drivers for other accessories.

The reason for this is that during any Windows update / installation, it is very easy for the drivers to get infected, a fresh installation of all the drivers will definitely fix the problem with the camera application.

Once downloaded, start reinstalling the drivers one by one.

Note: Make sure you are running incompatible drivers in compatibility mode, for Windows 8.1 only.

Hopefully this solves the horizontal lines issue in the camera app as it appears to have worked for most users. 🙂

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