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When printing a series of documents with the printer, you may notice the “Printer busy or error” message appear out of nowhere. The main problem you will face with this error message is that this error will hamper the printing process. Follow these simple instructions to fix your printer problem in minutes.

Correction: 1 empty printer queue

Follow these simple instructions to clear the print queue.

1. You need to enter the search box by pressing Tasto Windows + S. Gender "cmd" To be.

2. From then on, simply the right mouse button on him "Symbol of the system“From the research result. Then click on "Run as administrator".

3. When the System Symbol file a window appears on the screen, to write o copy paste this command in the terminal and then press Log in.

net stop spooler

4. Now is the time to get rid of the damaged print queue. To do this, run this code in the CMD window.

del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q

5. Start the spooler service again. To do it generally this command and then press the 'Log in'on the keyboard.

net start spooler

After you have finished clearing the print queue, close the Window System Symbol file.

Fix-2 Uninstall the printing device and then reinstall it-

The number of Lion share printing problems is automatically resolved when you uninstall and reinstall the same later.

1. At first, just press the button Windows key + X keys together.

2. Then click on "Device administrator“To access it.

3. When the Device Administrator file window opens, a simple click on the "Print queuesAnd it will expand.

3. Then right click on the problematic printing device, then click "Uninstall device".

(As you can see for this device, the printer is "Serie HP DJ 1110")

4. Click on "Uninstall“To verify the continuation of the uninstall process.

After uninstalling the printer driver from your computer, close the Device Administrator window.

Now follow these methods:

1 method Reboot the system

A simple restart will reinstall the uninstalled printer driver.

2 method Manually reinstall the driver

In case the system restart does not work. Scanning the system for hardware changes can fix the problem:

1. Open the Device Administrator file by pressing the Windows key + X together and followed by a click on the "Device administrator".

2. When you see that the Device Administrator file window has been opened, just click "Action“In the menu bar.

3. Then a simple click on "Check for hardware changes".

You will see the printer driver again.

Using method 3 'Add a printer' option-

1. Press the Home key on your keyboard and start typing "Printers and scanners".

2. Then, you need to click on the button "Printers and scanners".

3. In the settings window, on the left side, check if you can see your printer in the list of installed devices.

4. Check the list of 'Printers and Scanners' installed on your computer.

5. If you cannot see your printer in the list, click "Add a printer or scanner“Possibility to add it.

Windows will now search for possible printing devices.

6. In a moment, you will see that the printer device has appeared in the window settings file.

Try this solution by printing something with your printer.

Correction 3 Remove the spooler from the printer

The Spooler service manages the access of multiple users to the printing device. Sometimes this can cause this problem.

1. You need to enter the Run window by simply pressing the key Windows key With 'R'key.

2. To access the Devices and Printers file, enter this code and click on "ok".

control printers

3. In the list of printing devices, find your printing device.

Four. The right mouse button on it and then click "printer properties".

5. Once the Printer Properties window appears, go to "AdvancedEyelash ".

6. Hence, check the option "Print directly to the printer".

7. Then click on "To apply". Similarly, click on "ok".

After you have finished changing the settings, close the Device and Printer window.

Restart your system.

Print a document again. Your problem will be solved.

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