Resolved! Backspace only removes one letter from Windows 10

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November 5, 2016 By Directors

I recently started facing a particular problem with my keyboard. Each time I hold down the backspace key, only one letter is removed. The back arrow key also does not work while holding and only changes one letter back. It lacks the option to hold down a key and get repeated presses accordingly. This was frustrating because I've been doing it since childhood. This also killed my correction pace when writing. So, I googled and solved the problem. Here's how I solved it.

How to fix Backspace only eliminates the one letter problem in Windows 10

Step 1: - Click the Start button and open the settings. Alternatively, you can also press key Windows + i to open the settings.

Step 2:- Now click ease of access.

Step 3: - Now click on the keyboard in the left menu.

4 phase: - Finally disable the filter keys as shown in the image below.

That is. Now, you can easily hold down the backspace key and it will erase the letter continuously, while holding the backspace key.

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