Resolves keyboard miss typing problem on Windows 10 PC

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You can use a computer without a mouse, but without a keyboard, using a computer is not an easy thing to do. So it is very important to fix the keyboard not working if the keyboard stops working. There are many reasons why the keyboard doesn't work. Try the following solutions to get the keyboard working again.

Solution 1: disable the filter keys

1. Click Home and then the gear type icon to open settings.

2. Now choose Ease of access.

3. Now click Keyboard in the menu on the left.

4. Now make sure Key filtering it's off.

Solution 2: Let Windows reinstall the best driver for you

1. close device administrator in the search box on the Windows 10 taskbar.

2. Now once Device Manager opens, search Keyboards.

3. DDouble click in Keyboards to expand that.

Four. The right mouse button in the keyboard controller and then choose Uninstall device.

5. Now Restart Your PC after reinstalling the driver.

Windows will automatically reinstall the best keyboard driver and the problem will be fixed

Solution 3: Plug it into the other port and check the connections

Sometimes a loose connection also causes the hardware to malfunction. USB ports have been known to become loose over time and often cause connection errors. So it is possible that your connection is not adequate or your USB port has stopped working. To be safe, plug the keyboard into any other ports if available or try the next method.

Solution 4: try it on another PC

If the keyboard itself is cracked or damaged internally, it may not work. Go ahead and plug that keyboard into any other computer and check if it's working or not. If that doesn't work, the problem is with the keyboard and you should replace that keyboard with any other keyboard.

Solution 5: Check the batteries and the wireless adapter

If you have a wireless keyboard, the batteries may be without energy left or maybe your wireless adapter is blocked by something. Try changing the keyboard batteries and check if the keyboard works or not. Also, check that the wireless keyboard adapter is not blocked by anything or that the keyboard is not too far from the adapter.

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