Resolves the problem of missing one or more network protocols in Windows 10

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Can't connect to the network on your Windows 10 computer? You're getting the error message "The Windows socket registry entries required for network connectivity are missing", Or the"One or more network protocols are missing? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yup'then this article is for you. Follow these solutions to check some initial prerequisites and if they don't work, try the best solutions.

Alternative solutions

1. Check if you can access the Wi-Fi network file from another device (preferably another computer).
2. Restart your WiFi by hand. Be sure to check if the problem is resolved.
3. Check all network cables for loose connections.

If these aren't causing this problem, look for solutions:

Fix-1 Solve Network Problems-

1. Search for the "troubleshoot network problems“In the search box.

2. Now click on "Troubleshoot network problems".

3. Now, on the left side of window settings, you need to click on "Internet connections".

4. Next, click on “Run the troubleshooter".

5. Then follow the on-screen instructions and the troubleshooter will automatically attempt to fix the problem.

6. Then you need to click on "Close".

Now try connecting to the internet.

If you can't connect to the network, you may have a problem with the network card. Try to solve it-

4. Scroll down to search, click "Network card"And click"Run the troubleshooter“To run the troubleshooter.

Wait a moment, until Troubleshoot tries to solve your problem. Close the Firefighter window.

Restart your computer and after restarting the computer, check if it can connect to the network or not.

Fix-2 Usa netsh in CMD-

1. Press the button Windows key and write "cmd"To Look for box.

2. The right mouse button on him "Symbol of the system"And then click"Run as administrator".

3. To reset the network settings, copy paste this command and press Log in.


Close Window system symbol.

Restart your computer and after rebooting you will be able to connect to the network once again.


In case you doAccess denied' message in System symbol when run this command, follow these steps:

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch run window on your computer.

2. Digita “regedit"In the run window and then click"ok".

The registry editor window will open.

3. Now you have to go to this position.


4. In the Registry Editor window, on the left side, the right mouse button on the key "26".

5. Then click on "Permissions“To change it.

6. In the Permissions window, select "All"And so check the option "to allow"From the authorization parameter"Total control".

7. Finally, click on "To apply"And then click"ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Close Registry Editor window.

Now, try running the command from System Symbol (3 pass starting from Fix-2).

Restart your computer.

After rebooting, the problem will be fixed for sure.

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