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Desktop gadgets are a concept that started in Windows Vista and was quite popular. Basically, it has provided a link to different apps like Clock, Calendar, Currency, DriveInfo, the option to play minigames, and more. Using these gadgets, you can quickly view relevant information.

Although this was discontinued after Windows 7, it is back with Windows 8 in the form of Live Tiles. It offers similar functionality, but with some drawbacks that make it less useful. So, as a Windows 10 user, how do you keep using the desktop gadget feature? Here's how you can get it easily.

How to add desktop gadgets to Windows 10 using 8GadgetsaPack?

Step 1: Go to website and on the home page, click download link located on the right side of the page, below Download v31.0.

Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions to install the package.

Step 3: il Desktop gadget appears as a file sidebar on the Windows 10 desktop with some predefined gadgets. You can add gadgets by clicking on + icon at the top right of the sidebar, move icons, hide them or customize them with the right-click context menu.

4 phase: You can also right-click on gadgets and customize them using the context menu options.

Step 5: Click on Add gadgets option to open the Gadget window. You can now search for your favorite gadgets in the search box located in the upper right corner of the window or simply drag and drop your favorite gadgets to the desktop or sidebar.

You can also access the gadgets window from the file Right-click on the desktop context menu.

* Note: Desktop Gadget is originally for Windows 8 and therefore works with both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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