Screen flip problem in Windows 10

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Since the introduction of Windows 10, there has been a mixture of positive and negative conclusions. While there are many useful functions to explore, there are also many headaches to endure. Screen problems have been common ever since, causing sudden problems while working on an important task.

One such problem is a flipped display which can be really frustrating. In fact, even when you move the mouse, the cursor moves in the opposite direction, like a mirror image. It can happen for many reasons. Maybe you added and removed an additional monitor from your PC, maybe it's the outdated graphics driver, or maybe you just hit the wrong key. It can be anything, but fortunately it's not a fatal problem and can be easily fixed. Let's see how.

Solution: Using the settings app

Step 1: It can be difficult to navigate in reverse mode, but still try to access the file Home at the top right and click on it. Now click on the file Gear icon to open the file settings window.

Step 2: A settings window, go to System and click on it.

Step 3: A System window, click Screen. Then, on the right side of the panel, click Screen orientation and select Landscape from the drop-down menu.

In the message that appears, select Keep changes and the Windows 10 screen will revert back to normal landscape mode.

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