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Set google as your windows 10 start page. It's possible set Google as a search engine in Windows 10 instead of Bing? The answer is yes: if you use Chrome you will have to install a couple of extensions while for Firefox users the procedure is much simpler and more immediate.

Set Chrome as the default browser in Windows 10 and Google as the default search engine.

Even in the case of Chrome, you will have to set the Google browser as the default in Windows 10.
It consists of referring to the Browser section of the System screen, which can be called up by typing predefined apps in the Windows 10 search box and selecting Chrome.

If Chrome is set as the default browser, you will need to install two extensions:


By doing a search from the Search box in Windows and the Windows 10 web, the operating system will use Google and will only display the query results if the browser of the Mountain View giant is set as the default.
In the event that Chrome is not running, the browser will open and load the Bing search engine instead of Google.

After installing the Chrometana extension, a screen will be displayed in which you will have to specify the preferred engine.
Once the user's preference has been stored (choose Google), the Chroemtana card can be closed.
When, with Chrometana, you choose a search engine other than Google, the Bing2Google extension will not work correctly since the Chrometana setting takes precedence over Bing2Google.

Finally, it is necessary to make sure that Chrome remains running in the background by clicking on the button at the top right (depicting three parallel horizontal lines) then choosing Settings.

In the Search Chrome settings box, type Keep running apps.

By checking the box Continue to run applications in the background after closing Google Chrome, the search on Google will continue to be usable even when the Chrome browser is closed.

Set Firefox as the default browser in Windows 10 and Google as the default search engine.

The first step is toset Firefox as the default browser for Windows 10.
To proceed, just type default apps into the Windows 10 search box then select Default app settings.
Scrolling through the System screen, you will need to locate the Browser section and then click on the application currently set as default (for example, Microsoft Edge).

From the list that will appear, you will have to select Firefox.

At this point, after starting Firefox, you will need to click on the magnifying glass in the Search box of the toolbar.

By clicking on Search settings you will then have to select the search engine to use as default (for example Google).

It is essential to ensure that the Use this search engine for searches from Windows box is checked.

Regardless of whether Firefox is running or not, the search engine indicated will be used as a reference point by Cortana and the search box located in the Windows 10 taskbar.

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