Several methods to install Windows 11 that you should know

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Have you ever wondered how to install Windows 11 on your device? There are several methods you can follow to install Windows 11.

Have you ever wondered how to install Windows 11 on your computer? There are a few options you can follow and you should know all of them as this is a major OS update. Hopefully, one of the methods to download Windows 11 is more suitable for you and your device.

The different methods to install Windows 11

If you are looking to install Windows 11 on your device, make sure you have selected the most relevant method.

However, beware of unreliable Windows 11 installers when looking for a solution on your device. You should also always have your Windows 11 product key handy during installation, unless you are updating a device that is already running an activated version of Windows 10.

Method 1: via Windows Update settings

For most users with compatible devices, downloading Windows 11 to their devices is completely free and automatic via Windows Update. This is also Microsoft's recommended method for downloading Windows 11.

Go up Start> Settings> Windows Update . Then, select Check for updates which should automatically show if your device is able to upgrade to Windows 11.

If you don't see the blue banner above asking you to upgrade your device to Windows 11, you may want to select the button Check for updates to make sure your device collects update information. Then, just click the button Download and install to begin the download process.

Method 2: with the Windows 11 installation assistant

If you are looking to install Windows 11 on your device, you may want to consider downloading the Installation Assistant on the website of. The Windows 11 Assistant is the easiest way to achieve this, but the device must be running Windows 10 version 2004 or later for it to be effective. Also, you will need 9GB of minimum free disk space.

Download and launch Windows 11 Assistant. Windows will confirm that you are using the correct hardware and display the license terms.

Accept the terms to install the Windows 11 update. Your PC will restart your device and automatically begin installing the update. The computer will restart several times during this process. Therefore, it is vital that you keep your device plugged into a power source and not turn it off during the update process.

Method 3: Install Windows 11 using a DVD or USB

You can perform a clean install of Windows 11 with a bootable USB that has the Windows 11 installation software. Alternatively, if your PC has a DVD drive, you can download a Windows 11 ISO file and burn it to a DVD.

This method can then be used to update new and second-hand Windows devices. However, you will still need a product key to license the installation or your computer should have a licensed version of Windows 10. Start with a formatted USB stick with at least 8GB of space.

Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. Use the PC Health Check app to see if your computer meets the benchmarks. Go to Search on the taskbar and enter "PC Health" to launch the app. However, if your device isn't compatible, you may still be able to download Windows 11 with methods to bypass the minimum installation requirements.

Creating the installation media

You can download the software directly from the website. Select the button Download now in the section Create Windows 11 installation media . Then, log in to the administrator account and start the Windows 11 media creation tool. Choose your language and edition. Then, select the media type (USB flash drive or ISO file to burn to a DVD) and click NEXT to create the installation media.

If you choose an ISO file as installation media, save the file to a folder. You can burn the file to DVD right away or save it for later. Insert a new DVD into the tray and go to File Explorer. Right-click the Windows ISO file, then select the command Burn disc image from the context menu.

Installing the software update

After downloading the Windows 11 software update to your USB or burning the ISO file to your DVD, all that's left to do is update your device. This is a simple process.

Microsoft recommends making sure all hardware and other drivers are up to date before installing Windows 11. Compatibility issues with backdated drivers can sometimes be a problem. Hence, it is also a good idea to visit the manufacturer's websites and check for the latest hardware updates.

Set up Windows 11 without an internet connection

At this point, we've covered a few different methods you might use to download Windows 11. But what if you don't have a reliable internet connection to complete the installation?

Fortunately, there are several options that could help you set up Windows 11 without an internet connection. The methods include the following.

  • use the Task Manager to terminate the network connection flow
  • Use i Command Prompt to stop the network connection flow
  • With the keyboard shortcut Alt + F4

While the above methods can help you upgrade your PC to Windows 11 without immediately requiring an internet connection, it's worth considering that if you're using Windows 11 Home, you'll still need to connect to the internet at some point and sign into a Microsoft account. . Windows Pro users can complete a Windows 11 installation with a local account.

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