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How to show formatting marks and reveal formatting in Word: - You have an important document that needs to be submitted the next day. Using a complex editor like latex might be asking too much in this last minute. But word is just driving you crazy because you can't get the bullets or distances to the exact spots you want them to be. This can be quite frustrating, and you may often end up getting help from a friend or elder. But what if I told you that you can fix this on your own without depending on anyone using two simple word features named Show Formatting and Reveal Formatting? We need some sample text like the one in the screenshot below for you to try your tricks.

So all right? Then dive into the article!

Steps to show formatting marks


  • To view the paragraph marks in word format, click on the Paragraph Marker icon under the Home tab in the ribbon as shown in the image.


  • That's it, you can now view all paragraph marks in your word document. Individual points are spaces. An arrow pointing to the right indicates the presence of a card.


  • Now what to do if you want a particular word formatting mark to always be shown to you? For that, click on the File tab at the top and then on Options as shown in the screenshot below.


  • A new window called Word Options opens. Find and click on the option named Display from the left window pane. Now in the right window pane, find the section named Always show these formatting marks on screen. Here you can choose the formatting marks you want to always be shown. Select the corresponding checkboxes and hit ok once you're done.

Steps to reveal formatting


  • Reveal Formatting helps us visualize what kind of formatting has been applied to a text document. To view the Reveal Side Window Formatting file which is hidden by default, press the SHIFT + F1 keys together.


  • If you want to see the formatting applied to a particular piece of text, select that text by dragging it. Now in the reveal formatting side window, you will be able to view all the formatting that has been applied to the text. If you want to change a particular attribute, simply click on it. Here I clicked Font.


  • A new separate window opens to change the value of the selected attribute.


  • Here you can easily change the values ​​as per your choice. I have chosen to change the font color as an example. Once you are done, hit OK button.


  • There he is! You have successfully changed the font color of the selected text using Reveal Formatting feature.

I hope you are okay with your word now. Come back for more as there is always something new waiting.

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