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Show password hidden by asterisks in Chrome. You want to see the password you are typing not covered by asterisks here is how to do it in Chrome.

When a website requests access by creating an account and when the password was already stored on the browser, this is covered with asterisks or dots, for security reasons and also to prevent them from being displayed to people around us.

How to view password hidden by asterisks on Chrome

As soon as you see the pre-filled password in the form of asterisks, you will be able to reveal the password letters behind the asterisks.

  • Just right click on the password field
  • click on "Inspect element” (Chrome)
  • you will see the HTML code that the site is made up of.
  • You will also see something like type=”password“.

Once you double click on "password" you will be able to edit this field. Now to view hidden passwords simply replace the word "password" with "text" and that's it.

In case of forgotten password or whenever you want this password to be displayed in clear text and without asterisks, the best possible and simplest way is to use a bookmarklet that works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera e Safari without installing anything and in complete safety.
The Bookmarklet works like this: create a new bookmark with any site, even this page, and put it on the bookmarks bar in view.
To see the favorites bar in any browser, just press the buttons together CTRL-Maiusc-B.
Right-click on the added favorite and then click on Edit by changing the following fields:
Name: Show Password
URL: the following code as written, to be copied and pasted


At this point, in every site where dots or asterisks appear in the password field, just press the Show Password button on the favorites bar to see it in clear, visible and legible form.

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