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Some Windows 10 users complain of keyboard lag they face on their computers. According to them, the letters they are typing appear on their screens with a significant delay. If you have the same type of problem on your computer, don't worry. There are some simple solutions that can solve your problem very easily. But before proceeding with the fixes, you should try these solutions on your computer as they will be to test the keyboard for a hardware failure.

Initial solutions-

[For Wired keyboard users]

1. Check if your keyboard is properly connected to the USB port. Unplug it and wait a bit. Now, plug it back in. Check if you are still experiencing lag on your device.
2. Plug the keyboard into a different USB port on the keyboard.
3. Test your keyboard by connecting it to another computer. If you're still experiencing lag, try a different keyboard on your computer. If the new keyboard works correctly, there is a problem with the original keyboard.

[For wireless keyboard users]

1. Unplug the keyboard and wait a moment. Reconnect the keyboard. Check if you are still experiencing lag on your device.
2. Try connecting the keyboard with another laptop. Now, if it works fine on another computer, look for fixes.
3. Replace the keyboard batteries.

If any of these solutions didn't work for you, try these solutions.

Fix-1 Disable filter keys-

1. Close “Use the filter keys"In the search box next to the Windows icon and click"Use filter keys to ignore short or repeated keystrokes".

2. Now, in the Page Settings, in the right pane "Use the filter keys"And make sure it is"Worn out".

Now start again your computer. After rebooting, try to check if you are still experiencing the lag problem on your computer.

Fix-2 Usa editor del registro-

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Run and write "regedit“And hit Pay in.


A single incorrect change in the registry can cause the system to crash. That's how NECESSARY to follow these steps to create a backup.

a. Once the registry editor is open, you will need to click on "archive"And then click"Export".

B. Keep the backup in a safe place.

In any case, if you run into problems with the Registry Editor, you can easily recover it.

2. In the Registry Editor window, go to this location-


After clicking "Parameters", Try to find"PollStatusIterations“In the right panel.

[If you can’t find the “PollStatusIterations” then right-click on the space and click on “New” and then on “DWORD (32-bit) Value“. Now, name the value as “PollStatusIterations”.]

3. Now, double click in "PollStatusIterations"And in the space of"Valuable data"Set value as"1"And click"all right".

4. Now close the Registry Editor.

Restart your computer. You will not experience any delays when typing.

Fix-3 Uninstall keyboard software-

Uninstalling the keyboard software and restarting the computer will fix this problem.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R open Running window.

2. Now type "devmgmt.msc“And then press Pay in open Device Administrator window.

3 inch Device Administrator window, expand "keyboards".

4. Now, right click on “HID keyboard device"And then click"Uninstall device".

5. Finally, click on "Uninstall“To uninstall the driver from your computer.

Close the Device Administrator window.

Now start again computer to complete the uninstall process.

When you restart your computer, the keyboard driver will be installed on your computer again.

This process will definitely fix your keyboard.

Fix-4 Change keyboard properties

1. By pressing the key Tasto Windows + R I'll prepare it. Run

2. There, enter this command and press Pay in.

control keyboard

2. Now, in the Keyboard Properties window, you will notice that there are several options. Configure them according to your preferences.

"Repeat delay:“- This option indicates that a key will be repeated by pressing the key for how long. Set the slider according to your choice.

"Repetition rate:“- This option sets the key repeat rate. The more the cursor is towards the "Veloce“, The faster the keystrokes will repeat. Adjust it as you like.

Now, after adjusting the keystrokes, click on “Request"And then inside"all right“To finally save the changes.

Restart your computer. After rebooting, check if you still have the keyboard lag issue.

Fix-5 Run keyboard troubleshooter-

1. First, write "Troubleshoot configuration issues”In the Search box next to the Windows icon.

2. Once done, click on “Troubleshoot configuration issues“From the top.

3. Now, in the right pane of the Settings window, scroll down and click on “Keyboard".

4. Now click on "Run the troubleshooter”To start the troubleshooting process.

Now, follow the onscreen instructions in the troubleshooting window.

The troubleshooter will detect any problems with the keyboard lag issue and try to fix it.

Restart your computer. After rebooting, you shouldn't have any more problems with lag.

Fix-6 Update the keyboard driver on your computer-

1. Press Tasto Windows + R open Run.

2. Now type "devmgmt.msc“And hit Pay in. Device Administrator utility will open.

2. In the Device Administrator window, search for "keyboardsClick on it to expand it.

3. The right mouse button on the problematic keyboard driver and click "Update Driver".

3. Just click on the option "Automatically searches for updated driver software".

Leave the rest to Windows. It will find the latest version of your keyboard and install it on your computer.

After, start again your computer.

Your problem should be solved.

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