SMS 2.0 | Google against WhatsApp and Telegram

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The messages, according to one statistic, are dying. For this reason, more and more telephone operators are giving us the possibility of using them in an infinite way and, again for this reason, alternative services such as WhatsApp and Telegram have been born.

Google is considering introducing a new model of SMS 2.0 to counter the two giants of thumb communication and bring to the market an innovative service that remembers the past.


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To beat the "enemy" it is impossible to think of classic messages with few options. This is why SMS 2.0 will be equipped with options of sharing of multimedia files (photos, videos, pdfs) and i Voice messages.

It will also be possible pay and receive money from Google Play, post your location and chat. Group chats and all other settings in the Telegram or Whatsapp service will be added. Google SMS will manage not only classic SMS messages but also MMS and RCS Chats.

The new Google Whatsapp, we can call it that, and for the moment 100% active only in two European countries, England and France, and if the tests go well it will also be extended to other European countries. Google SMS 2.0 however, they can already be downloaded from Google PlayStore and you can start trying the app also in Spain.

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