Solution for external hard drive not recognized problem in Windows 10

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By installing Windows 10, we have updated our computer to add many new features with the new operating system. When the memory capacity of our computer's internal drive is completely full, we use the externally inserted hard drive to back up many files on the computer or to act as a network drive to store shared content. Sometimes, after installing Windows 10, the externally inserted hard drive is not recognized or does not work properly. This issue can be faced when using outdated or corrupted driver software and you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Solution 1: Check the hardware through troubleshooting

Step 1: You write "Troubleshooting“In the left corner of the screen, where you will find a search box. This will trace the source of the problem. Click on "Troubleshooting"option.

Step 2: Choose an option "Configure a device".

3 pass : A window will appear and when you click The next, follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

If you are unable to solve the problem using this procedure, there is another solution to follow by updating and repairing the problems caused by the hard driver inserted externally via Device administrator.

Solution 2: Update the driver via Device Manager

You can update the driver by following two different methods, described below.

Method 1: update the driver in a manual process

Step 1: print Win and R together and go to the option Device administrator. Then entering devmgmt.msc., unlocks the "Run" dialog box.

Step 2: Select the externally inserted hard drive from the displayed list. When a yellow or red mark appears on the screen, it may be due to driver compatibility issues. Otherwise, right click on the device with the hard drive inserted externally and choose the option "Update the driver software ...". If there is an “unspecified device”, it also needs to be updated.

Step 3: Choose the option "Automatically searches for updated driver software". Then complete the procedure following the instructions.

Method 2: update the controller in a mechanical process

When you can't update the driver in a manual process, there is another option you can take. That is, you can get the solution to the problem with the help of any branded computer software company who will help you recognize your operating system in a mechanical process and determine the correct driver.

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