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Proxy servers are very useful for providing functionality, security and privacy to users. But sometimes it can make your life more difficult by slowing down your internet connectivity, sometimes disconnecting your internet connection. If you are experiencing any kind of proxy server error on your computer then follow these solutions and the problem will be solved in no time.

Fix-1 Disabilita server proxy-

1. Search for the "Internet options“In the search box.

2. Then click on "Internet options".

Internet Properties window will open.

3. You have to go to the "ConnectionsEyelash ".

4. Next, click at the bottom, then click "LAN settings".

5. In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, check the option "Automatically detect settings".

6. You must make sure that the option "Use a proxy server for your LAN" is rampant.

7. Click on 'ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Near Internet Properties window. Check if it solves your problem or not.

Fix-2 Enable automatic detection for proxy server-

You can configure proxy servers to automatically detect Internet settings.

1. At first, press Tasto Windows + I.

2. Then click on "Network and internet"Setting.

3. Now, on the left side, click on “Lawyer".

4. On the right side, select "Automatically detect settings" for "In".

Close the settings window and see if it works.

Fix-3 Change Network Properties-

Changing network properties to automatically obtain an IP address may work for you.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R, to have lunch run window.

2. Now type "ncpa.cpl“And hit Log in to access the Network Connections settings.

3. What you need is the right mouse button on the network connection and click "Property".

4. After that, double click in "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)".

5. Check the radio button next to the "Ottieni automatically an IP indirizzo".

5. Then click on "Obtain DNS server address automatically“To mark it.

7. Finally, click on "ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Now check if you have resolved the proxy server problems.

Fix-4 Reset Internet Settings-

If nothing works for you, resetting your internet connection settings will definitely work for you.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch run window.

2. Type the command shown below and then click "ok".


Internet Properties window will open.

3. When the Internet Properties window opens, you need to go to "AdvancedEyelash "

4. After that, what you need to do is click on "Restart“To restore all existing connection settings.

5. In the Reset Browser Settings window, make sure that "Delete your personal settings"It simply came to our notice then rampant.

6. Now click on "Restart“It will initialize the reboot process.

6. After completing the steps in, click on "ok“To save the changes.

Now, start again your computer.

After restarting your computer, try connecting to the Internet. Your proxy server problem will be resolved.

Fix-5 Run Internet Connection Troubleshooter-

1. Digita “troubleshoot network problems”A Look for box on the taskbar.

2. Then you need to click on "Troubleshoot network problems".

3. Now, on the left side of the Settings window, click on "Internet connections“To highlight it.

4. Then click on "Run the troubleshooter".

4. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.

When the process is complete, click on "Close".

Try to find and connect to the WiFi network.

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