Solution: PowerPoint file does not open in Windows 10

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In case a PowerPoint file received as an e-mail attachment cannot be opened, this occurs due to security issues with the PowerPoint file. 'Unlocking' the ppt file will solve this problem on your computer.

Fix-1 Sblocca file ppt-

1. Navigate to the location of the ppt file.

2. The right mouse button in the ppt file and then click "Property".

3. Now click on "generalEyelash ".

4. Once you are in general language, check the option "Chiaro". This will unlock this ppt file.

5. After unlocking the ppt file, click on "To apply"And then click"ok".

Now try opening the file again on your computer.

Fix-2 Disable Protected View Settings in PowerPoint-

You can disable Protected View settings from PowerPoint Options.

1. Click Search box and then type "Power point".

2. Now click on "Power pointTo open it on your computer.

4. When a Power Outlet opens, in the menu bar, click on "archive"And click"Choices".

5. In the next step, click on “Trust Center”Change Trust Center Settings.

6. Next, click Trust Center Settings ..."On the right side.

7. Now you need to click on "Protected view".

9. Now, in the Protected View section, deselect the "Enable Protected View for files from the Internet"option

10. Finally, click on "ok“To save the changes.

11. Click on 'ok“To save all these changes.

Near window power outlet. Now try to open the problematic ppt file again. It will open without any problem.

Your problem will be solved.

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