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Whenever you print a large pdf file (containing many pages or a large number of graphic jobs), you may notice how slow the printing process is. If you want to speed up the pace of your printing operations, follow these fixes and you will notice a significant increase in print speed.

Initial solutions-

1. A large number of files in the printer queue can cause this problem. Open the printer settings and cancel all pending print jobs.

2. Restart the printing device and the computer. Now try it and check the speed of the printing operation.

Otherwise, try these solutions on your computer:

Fix-1 Print your file as an image-

You can print the file as an image and let the printer decide which colors to use. This will greatly increase the printing speed.

1. Open the pdf file in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

2 inch Adobe Acrobat Player window, click "archive"In the menu bar, then click"Print".

3. In the Print settings window, click "Advanced".

4. When the Advanced Print Settings file window opens, check the option "Allow the printer to determine the colors".

5. So what you need to do is check the option "Print as an image".

6. Finally, click on "ok“To save these print settings.

7. Back in the Print Settings window, click "Print”To print the pdf file.

You will notice a marked increase in the speed of the printing process.

Method 2 Clear the print queue from File Explorer

Manually delete print files from Print Spooler folder file can help you

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch run.

2. In the first type "services.msc". After that, you should click on "ok".

3. In the Services window, look for the "Print spooler“Service in the service list.

4. When I can see the service, the right mouse button on him "Print spooler"Service and clicks"Stop“To Stop the Print Spooler Service.

Minimize the Services window.

5. Open File Browser on your device.

6. Go to this location on File Browser -



If you are denied access with a message "You currently do not have permission to access this folder"Just click"Follow“To grant access.

7. Now select all files in the Printer folder and then press 'To remove' from the keyboard to empty the folder.

Close Window File Browser.

Maximize Window Services.

8. Now discover the "Print spooler"Service.

9. Once the service has been identified, The right mouse button on it and then click "Home“Start Over Print Spooler Service.

Close the Services window on your computer.

Now try to print the pdf file on your computer. Your problem will be solved.

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