Solution: The presentation cannot be opened, the PPT file cannot be opened in Windows 10

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Can't access it. Power outlet (.pptx) on your computer? Is there an error statement? said "The presentation cannot be opened.While trying to open it? Do not worry. This problem usually occurs due to failures. Power outlet Problematic settings, file settings, or sometimes the real culprit is the antivirus on your system. So follow these simple solutions and one of them will definitely solve your problem.

Fix-1 Create a new ppt file in the location of the problem file

If you are trying to access a file from a potentially unsafe location, create a new ppt file there and try to access the problematic one.

1. Open PowerPoint on your computer.

2. Just click on "archive"And then in"New".

3. Next, click on “Blank presentation".

4. Again, you need to click on "archive".

6. Then a simple click on "Save eat”Open Save as Location.

7. On the right side, click on the location where the problematic ppt file is located.

(I like it- "OneDrive-Personal“Binder. )

8. Now choose any name for this presentation.

9. Click on 'Save“To save the file on your computer.

Now close the Current Socket window.

Then go to the location where the problem file is located. Try to access it. Your problem will be solved.

Fix-2 Unlock ppt file

1. At first, you need to go to the ppt file.

2. You need the right mouse button in the ppt file. Then click on "Property".

3. In the Properties window, go to the "generalEyelash ".

4. In the general language, check the box next to the "Chiaro“To unlock the ppt.

5. Finally, click on "To apply"And then click"ok“To save the settings for this particular file.

Now try opening the file again on your computer. This time it should open without further problems.

Fix-3 Disable Protected View Settings in PowerPoint

Disabling Protected View settings in the Power Outlet can solve the problem.

1. Click Search box and then type "Power point".

2. Now click on "Power pointTo open it on your computer.

4. In the Power Outlet window, click "archive“In the menu bar.

5. Next, scroll down the menu and click on "Choices".

6. In the Choices window, on the left side, click "Trust Center”Change Trust Center Settings.

7. On the right side, click "Trust Center Settings ...“To change it.

8. Now in the Trust Center window, on the left side, click on “Protected view".

9. Hence, deselect the option "Enable Protected View for files from the Internet".

10. Likewise, deselect the other two options ("Enable Protected View for files located in potentially dangerous locations"Y"Enable Protected View for Outlook Attachments".)

10. Finally, click on "ok“To save the changes.

11. In the Choices window, click "ok“To save the changes.

Near window power outlet.

Try to access the ppt files on your computer again and check if it works or not.

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