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Windows Defender is a great alternative when it comes to protecting your PC from various viruses and malware. So when it is not turned on on your computer, your computer will be subject to potential threats in the online world. Do not worry. Follow these simple fixes on your computer and the problem will be solved quickly.

Fix-1 Change Registry Editor Window-

This error can occur if there is a string in the registry that contains an incorrect value.

1. Click Search box and then type "regedit".

2. Now click on "Registry Editor".


You need to create a backup by simply clicking the "archive"In the registry editor menu bar and then click"Export".

3. Once the backup is created, go to this header:

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows Defender

4. Now on the right side, check if you can find "DisableAntiSpyware“String value.

5. Hence, double click in "DisableAntiSpyware“To change it.

6. Next, configure the Value data file: for "0".

7. Click on 'ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Close Registry Editor window.

Restart your computer. After restarting your computer, you will be able to turn on Windows Defender on your computer.

Solution 2: uninstall third party antivirus

Many users have solved the problem simply by uninstalling third-party antivirus from their computers.

1. Press the button Tasto Windows + R keys together.

2. Then type "appwiz.cpl“. Click on “ok".

3. A list of applications will then be displayed. Look for your third party antivirus (like McAfee, Avast, the pre-installed ones).

4. Right-click the antivirus, then click "Uninstall".

Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the antivirus from your computer.

Restart your computer and try using Windows Security again. It will work fine.

Solution 3: Check your date and time settings

1. Press Windows key + S and start typing "Change date and time".

2. Then click on "Change date and time".

3. On the right side, "Set the time automatically" for "off".

4. Likewise, simply check the box "Automatically set the time zone" for "off".

5. Then in 'Set the date and time manually' click on "Modify".

6. Here you have to configure the "Data"Y"Time“Based on local time and date.

7. To save this configuration change, click "Modify".

8. Click on 'Time Zone'.

9. A list of different time zones will be displayed. Select the correct time zone for your computer.

Restart system and double check Windows security.

Solution 4: Change the Group Policy settings

1. First, press Tasto Windows + R.

2. Then type "gpedit.msc“. Click on “ok".

3. When the Local Group Policy Editor opens, navigate to this particular path:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Defender Antivirus

4. After this, double click on him "Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus“Policy to change it.

4. Set the setting to "Disabled".

5. Finally, click on "To apply"And then click"ok".

Close the Policy Editor on your computer.

Try to check if it worked or not.

Solution 5: Check the registry values

Sometimes the registry values ​​on your computer can prevent you from accessing Windows Defender.

warning - The Registry Editor is a very sensitive location on your computer. Before continuing to edit the registry, we ask that you back up the registry to your computer.

Follow this simple step:

After opening the Registry Editor, click on "archive". Then click on "Export“To make a new backup on your computer.

1. Digita “regedit“In the search box.

2. Then click on "Registry Editor“To access it.

3. Next, go to this location:

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows DefenderPolicy Manager

4. Once you have reached the specified place, double click on him "AllowUserUIAccess"*.

5. Simply set the key value as "1".

6. Click on 'ok“To save this change.

Restart your computer to save the change to your computer.

*NOTE: -

If you see that there is "AllowUserUIAccess“On your computer, follow these two steps to create the key.

for. Right-click on the left side, then click "New>"And click"Valore DWORD (32 bit)".

second. Give the key the name "AllowUserUIAccess".

Then follow the rest of the steps mentioned above to change the value and start again the system.

Your problem should be solved.

Fix - 6 Set Normal Boot For Your System-

Establishing a normal computer startup solved the problem for many users.

1. You can access the printout Tasto Windows + R keys together.

2. To open the window type System Configuration file "msconfig"In the run window and then click"ok".

3. In the System Configuration window, go to the "general"Section.

4. Then select "Normal startupAs a boot option on your computer.

5. Then click on "To apply"Y"ok".

Restart your computer.

After restarting Windows Defender will function normally.

Fix: 7 Check Windows Update

Windows delivers crucial definitions and updates with the Windows Processes Update extension.

1. At first, what you can do is open settings.

2. In the settings window, click "Updates and security".

3. On the right side, click "Look for updates".

All you have to do is wait for the update process to complete.

Restart your device to complete the update process.

After restarting your computer, try enabling Windows Defender on your computer.

Your problem will be solved.

Fix- 8 Start Windows Defender Service-

Starting Windows Defender The service on your computer can fix this problem.

1. Digita “Service“In the search box.

2. Just click Log in to access Services.

3. Hence, double click on him "Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service"Service.

4. Now you need to set the service to "Automatic".

5. Now click on "Home“To start the service on your computer.

6. To save the settings on your computer, click "To apply"And so"ok".

Near Window Services.

Open Windows Security settings and try to rotate Windows Defender 'IN'.

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