Solution: Windows was unable to connect the WiFi access point in Windows 10

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Can't connect to WiFi hotspot from your Windows 10 computer? If you have this problem on your computer, don't worry. This problem usually occurs due to a misconfiguration of the computer's Internet profile. To easily fix the problem, follow these steps carefully on your computer. But before moving on to the best solutions, try these simpler solutions:

Alternative solutions-

1. Restart computer and try to connect to the network again.

2. Turn the hotspot off and on again. Try connecting to it.

If restarting your computer didn't help, these fixes will definitely fix the problem:

Fix-1 Uninstall and reinstall the network card-

Uninstalling and reinstalling the adapter driver will surely solve this problem.

1. Digita “Network connections“In the search box.

2. Then press "Log in“To access network connections.

Network Connections will open.

3. Now look at the network adapter your computer is using to connect to the Internet.

(NOTE: - For this computer, it is “802.11bgn 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter“, which can be seen just under the network name ”Anonymous“. )

4. Press Tasto Windows + R Open running.

5. Now type "devmgmt.msc“And hit Log in.

Device Administrator utility will open.

6. In the Device Administrator utility window, look for the "Network adaptersAnd click on it to see the available drivers.

7. Now, the right mouse button on the network card noted above, then click on "Uninstall device".

8. If a warning message appears, click "Uninstall".

The network card driver will be uninstalled from the computer.

In the later stages, laughInstall on pc the network card driver on your computer

Method 1-

Solo start again the computer and Windows will install the uninstalled driver. You will have your working network card again.

2 method-

If restarting your computer did not install the driver, you need to install the driver yourself. Follow these steps to manually install the driver:

1. Press Windows key + X together and then click "Device administrator".

2. In the Device Administrator window, click "Action"And click"Check for hardware changes".

You will be able to see the deleted driver again.

Try connecting to your computer's hotspot.

Fix-2 Disable and Enable Network Adapter-

If the above method didn't work, try disabling and enabling the device.

1. Press Windows key + X and then click "Device administrator“In the admin menu that appears in the lower left corner.

2. Then click on "Network adapters"Cast.

3. The right mouse button on the network card and then click "Disable device".

3. Click on 'Yup“To disable the adapter. After disabling the adapter, you will see a down arrow sign file next to it. The adapter will be disabled.

Wait a moment.

Four. The right mouse button on the disabled adapter and then click "Enable device“To enable the network adapter.

Wait a few moments for the device to be enabled again.

Try connecting to the access point again. This time you can do it.

Your problem will be solved.

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