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With so many users upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft was ready to run into a lot of bugs. Many were found and fixed initially, but one of them still remains and has annoyed many users including you and me considering it's here for the bug fix: p

The annoyance starts with a small notification titled

Click here to enter your most recent credentials

It will ask you to log back into your Microsoft account. Once logged in, you would think the problem is solved, but that is where the error starts ... It doesn't matter how many times you log into your Microsoft account again ... and again ... and again the notification will continue to pop up, and very good . justice to its title, it will continue to annoy you.

By searching many forums and various personal tracking and error methods, the solution was obvious to all of us. Users who have recently updated / changed their Windows account password have been affected by this error. Many thought that the error was on the server or due to some other problem that could not be fixed.

This error is triggered when you change your Microsoft account password. Windows 10 somehow does not update the password on the existing one and therefore the error exists. To resolve this error, you will need to remove your saved Microsoft account password from Windows 10 and then log in again with the updated password. Many of you may think that clearing your Edge store and browser passwords might work, but Windows has made its game better.

Passwords, in Windows 10, are stored in a useful little utility called Credential Manager. So, to remove the password from your Microsoft account, you need to log into the credentials manager. The credential manager stores all your personal credentials and various other login IDs and passwords that you have used in other applications and places.

I have listed the instructions below in simple and easy to follow steps.

Step 1- Log in to the credentials manager

Access the credentials manager via the search bar.

Step 1

1- Click on the search bar and search for Credential Manager.

2- Select Credential Manager from the results to open it.

Now the Credential Manager will open.

Step 2- Remove the Credential Manager password. Once the credential manager is open,

1- Click Windows credentials

2- Now select the Microsoft account you used to log into Windows 10.

3- Click Delete, located at the bottom of the saved credentials.

You have now removed the password and will need to log in again. You can now log back into Windows 10 with the updated password and have an error-free experience with Windows 10… regarding this error. 😉

Tip: You can also click Edit next to Delete under your credentials and then update your password to remove the error.

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