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Solve! Device limit reached for installing apps / games on Windows 10: - If you are a Windows 10 user, you must have encountered the error that says "Device limit reached to install apps and games" while trying to install a new game / app on your new Windows 10. The error message is similar a from the screenshot provided.

This happens for a wide variety of reasons and often tests our patience. We don't want Windows to let us decide whether or not to install our favorite game and play it. So knowing how to deal with this problem is of the utmost importance, to be more precise, it is a matter of survival. In this article, I have explored the 4 different reasons for this error message and how to fix it in each of these cases. Read on to learn how to fix the error that makes you want to destroy your App Store.

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MODULE 1: via Microsoft account

You may have exceeded the maximum limit of devices in your Microsoft account, which appears to be 10. This could be why you cannot install more applications or games. To fix this, you can log into your Microsoft account and delete some of the unused devices.

  • First, log into your Microsoft account. You can login from here.


  • Enter your Microsoft account credentials and press Register button.


  • Just click on the device tab file, if it isn't already there. There you will find all your devices listed. Look for a link that says Remove the phone associated with the device you want to remove. If you remove one device now, you can only remove another after 30 days. So, make sure you only delete the device you don't use a lot.

WAY 2 - Activate your Windows 10

Sometimes the error message appears because Windows 10 is not activated. You need to check whether this is the reason or not.

  • write settings in Cortana's search box. And from the displayed results, click on settings.


  • Now a window for application settings opens. Click on Update and Security option.


  • Now from the left pane of the window called Update & Security, click on the option called Activation. If your Windows is not activated, you can get the error code and error description from here. You can google the error code to find a suitable solution.

WAY 3: Delete pending downloads or updates

If there is a long queue of pending downloads and updates, you may not be able to install other apps or games. Follow the steps to learn how to fix the problem.

  • Type Windows Store into Cortana's search box and click Shop from the search results or just click the Shop icon located on your system tray to launch it.


  • Performing the previous step will launch the App Store file.


  • Now, if there are any pending downloads or updates, you will be able to find a download icon at the top of the windows. Click on it to see the download queue.


  • You can click the close button of a particular item to remove it from the download queue.


  • Everything is finished. Now the queue clears and the download icon disappears.

FORM 4 - Restart Windows Store with wsreset


  • Type wsreset into Cortana's search box. This will result in Cortana wsreset application showing in the search results.


  • Now right click on wsreset and run it in admin mode. This will start a scan. Once the scan is complete, restart your PC and try installing the application / game one more time. Most likely, the problem will disappear.

Yes, fixing the Device limit reached for installing apps and games error on Windows 10 is that simple. Hope you found the article useful.

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