Solve the problem of Windows 10 laptop without sound [Resolved]

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Audio problems are very common in Windows. There are several reasons why sounds don't work in Windows, such as faulty drivers, hardware problems, or sometimes Windows errors. Sound is a big factor for many users and most of the laptop users use laptop speakers regularly so if the sound problem occurs in laptop users it is frustrating.

I have found these methods to fix any audio problems on your laptop.

Method 1: Click on the taskbar and check the audio sources

1. Click Volume icon on the far right taskbar.

2. If there is an inverted v sign to expand as shown below, click it.

3. Click on another speaker to select it, which should be responsible for the PC volume.

If there are more than 2 options, try selecting the one that works.

Method 2: enable playback devices

Sometimes your speaker may have been disabled on playback devices from the control panel. To re-enable it, you need to change it in the control panel settings, follow these steps to enable it.

STEP 1 - Open the Run box by pressing windows Y R keys together. Gender control in the text box and press Enter.

STEP 2 - Click Sound. A new window will appear and you can see the list of audio playback devices here. If you can't see anything, right click and click show disabled devices.

STEP 3 - Right click on device disabled and select Enable.

STEP 4 - Click ok.

Step 5: Also select the device and click Set default

If there is still no sound, follow the steps below.

STEP 6 - Right-click the audio device and select property.

STEP 6 - In the properties window, navigate to the file Updates language. Uncheck all enhancements and click OK.

Method 3: reinstall the audio driver

If you have faulty audio drivers, there may not be any audio problems. You need to reinstall the audio driver to fix the faulty drivers. Follow these steps to get the same result.

STEP 1 - Press windows Y X simultaneously and select Device administrator.

STEP 2 - Expand Sound, video and game controllers. Right-click on the audio device and select Uninstall Device option.

STEP 3 - Press Uninstall to confirm.

Restart your computer and it will automatically install it on your PC.

Method 4: troubleshooting

Windows troubleshooter can find and fix many common problems on its own. Follow these steps to troubleshoot any sound issues with the Windows troubleshooter.

STEP 1 - Press windows Y io at the same time, it will open the settings.

STEP 2 - Select Update and security.

STEP 3 - Select Solve problems in the left panel menu.

STEP 4: Here you will find many common errors, click on Play Audio and then on Run the troubleshooter.

STEP 5 - The troubleshooter will look for the error and, based on the error, provide a suggestion for changing some settings. It will solve your lack of audio problems.

Method 5: Check if the audio has been enabled in the BIOS or not

1. Start your PC's BIOS.

2. Check if the integrated HD audio is disabled in the BIOS. If it's disabled, enable it.

I hope you found these methods useful and were able to restore the sound to your laptop. If you have any questions about these methods, you can post them in the comments.

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