Solved problem with search not working in Windows 10 [Solved]

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Many users have reported having trouble trying to use the search feature with or without Cortana. Here is a list of all the methods you can easily try to fix the problem.

As not all users report this problem, the exact reason for the problem is unknown, but you can try the methods below to try to fix it.

• Reboot the system

• Restart the search / Cortana process

• Windows Search Service modification

• Reset indexing services

• Troubleshoot with the Windows Troubleshooter

Restart your computer

One of the most common solutions to a problem is to try restarting the device. If you are using the offered hibernation feature instead of shutting down the machine, this step is a must for you.

Restart the search process

1. Right-click on the Windows logo to open the WinX menu.

2. Click the Task Manager button.

3. Open the Processes tab in Task Manager and press C on your keyboard to locate Cortana, right click on it and press End Task.

4. Try to locate the search process, right-click on it and click End Task.

Change the Windows Search Service

1. Right-click the Windows icon to open the WinX menu and click Computer Management.

2. In the main window, you can see an option in the last one called Services and Applications, double click on it.

3. Now double-click on Services in the newly opened window.

4. Use the W key to find Windows Search and right-click, then open Properties.

4. Select Automatic for the startup type, then save the settings

5. Restart your computer

Reset indexing services

1. Open cmd by pressing Win + R key together and type cmd in the dialog box. Press OK.

2. Type control.exe srchadmin.dll and press Enter.

3. A dialog box will appear, click and open the Advanced tab.

4. A new window will open, in the troubleshooting category press the Rebuild button.

5. A notification window will pop up informing you that it will take a long time to continue, press ok.

Try to troubleshoot your computer using the Windows troubleshooter

1. Click the Windows key icon in the lower left corner of your computer.

2. Now, click on the settings button just above the power button.

3. In the settings window, scroll down to the bottom and select Update & Security.

4. In the left pane, click the Troubleshoot option.

5. Scroll down, find Search and Indexing and click to select it. Press run the troubleshooter


6. Check all the options in the window and click Next. If that doesn't work, press Try to troubleshoot as an administrator.

After completing the troubleshooting, Windows will tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

If the above solutions don't work for you, you'll need to do a clean install or upgrade your copy of Windows.

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