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Are you also facing a typical problem on your Windows 10 PC and it is a black screen with cursor? These are some of the great solutions for this typical problem.

Fix 1 - By modifying the registry editor

1. Press CTRL + Alt + Canc key Together at Once. On the next screen, choose Task Manager.

2. Choose archive.

3. Click Run a new activity.

4. Write Regedit In that.

5. Select the option that says Create this task with administrative privileges.

6. Now once the Registry Editor is open, find the following path given below

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion Winlogon

7. Once achieved Winlogon, To locate Shell On the right side.

8. Now, double click seashell to change it.

9. Now make sure valuable data è explorer.exe.

If it's something else, change it to explorer.exe.

10. Press Ctrl + Alt + Canc key at the same time.

11. Now, click on the power button located at the bottom right.

12 Curriculum vitae your computer.

Solution 2: Stop the AppReadiness service from the list

1 - Press Ctrl + Alt + Canc It's open Task Manager.

2 - Now go to Services language.

3 - Find AppReadiness of the list.

4 - Select it and right click on it and high this service.

Solution 3: reset the BIOS with the power button (laptop only)

1 - Simply remove the battery from the laptop.

2 - Now, press and hold the power button for 1 minute

3 - Now, put the battery back in your laptop.

This will reset your BIOS and most likely fix the black screen with cursor problem on your Windows 10 PC.

1 - Press Tasto Windows + I Open settings.

2 - Go to System

3 - Go to power and dream in the menu on the left.

4 - Click Additional power settings.

5 - Select Choose what the power buttons do from the left side of the window.

6 - Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

7 - Simply uncheck the "Enable Quick Start (Recommended)".

Fix 5: disable the graphics card

1 - Press Tasto Windows + R to open the run command box.

2 - Write devmgmt.msc on it and press Enter.

3 - Now click on Video cards expand.

4 - Now, disable the integrated graphics card by right clicking and clicking Disable device.

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