[Solved] Windows 10 device transmission problem not working

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Even though all the sharing settings are correct, many users face the problem that the transmission to the device is not working. There are many error messages such as contacting device or not finding any device, but all those error messages lead to only one thing and that is that your Windows 10 PC cannot stream media to other devices. These are some of the best solutions for this problem.

Method 1: Enable Network Discovery

1 - Open the settings by pressing Tasto Windows + I together.

2- Now, click on Network and internet

3 - Now scroll down on the right side and click Core network and sharing.

4 - Now, click on Change the adapter's sharing settings in the menu on the left.

5 - Now, choose the radio button that says Enable network discovery. Turn on too Sharing files and printers.

6 - Finally, click on Save the changes.

Now, try to see if your problem is solved or not.

Method 2: check the required services

1. Press Tasto Windows + R together from the keyboard.

2. Type services.msc in it and click OK to open the service manager window.

3. Now check if these services are running or not. If any of these services are not running, double-click them one by one, then click Home if they are not running.

1. Client DNS
2. Resources for identifying publishing roles
3. SSDP discovery
4. UPnP device host

Method 3: turn on media streaming

1. Search for Windows Media Player in the Windows search box and open Windows Media Player.

2. Now click Stream then click Enable media streaming.

3. Again, click Enable Media Streaming in the next window.

4. Finally, click OK.

5. Now try again.

Method 4: update the network card driver

1 - Press Tasto Windows + I together to open the run command box.

2 - Now write devmgmt.msc on it and hit enter to open Device administrator.

3 - Just click Network adapters -> The name of the network adapter.

4 - Right click and then click update the driver software.

5 - Click Automatically searches for updated driver software.

6- Finally start again on your computer and then try streaming to your device.

Method 5: Troubleshoot Network Adapters

1 - Open settings pressing key Windows + i together.

2 - Now, click on upgrade and security.

3 - Now, from the menu on the left, click on Solve problems

4 - Now choose Network adapters in the section find and fix other problems in the right section.

5 - follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot

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