(Solved) Windows 10 will not open JPEG image files

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JPEG was the most used for Image Maps and Paint files. Over time, the user has begun to switch to other advanced formats, but JPEG is still widely used. This has a reason behind it. Image compression, however, doesn't affect visibility much unless you push things out of bounds.

Some Windows updates ruined the situation and users started facing problems with JPEG images. They either won't open at all or they won't work with certain apps. Sometimes users were unable to save Paint files in JPEG format.


The exact cause of the problem is unknown, but what we do know is that it started after a certain Windows update. So our approach to fix the problem would be to fix the updates and some other changes.

The following troubleshooting steps may help with the problem:

Solution 1] Update Windows

Since the problem was with a specific Windows update, Microsoft would be aware of fixing the problem with concurrent updates. I can confirm that the problem still exists, but if it is fixed soon, we must not lose it.

Solution 2] Reset Windows updates

The question here is how many updates should we roll back. The problem is not new and if we started rolling back updates it would be a long process. However, if you are just starting to face this problem after recent updates then you can try to fix it.

1] Click Start button and then the gear symbol to open the file settings page.

2] Go to Updates and security and click View update history.

3] Click Uninstall updates.

4] Right click and uninstall il last update.

Solution 3] Change the file type association

Many third-party applications change file type associations, and JPEG files may not open at all. Some changes might help:

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window and type control. Press Enter to open the control panel window.

2] Go to Programs >> Default Programs.

3] Select the option Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

4] Now click on "Choose default apps by file type".

5] From the list on the left, select . Jpeg and start again the system.

Solution 4] Reset your image editing applications

We open the .jpeg files with an image editing application such as Photo and Paint. The problem may be with these applications and not with the system itself. Therefore, we may reset these apps.

1] Click Start button and then on the gear symbol to open the file settings menu.

2] Go to Applications. The list of all applications installed on the system will be displayed.

3] Identify problematic applications such as Photography e To paint.

4] When you click on the application, select Advanced options.

5] Click Restart and once the process is finished, start again the system.

Solution 5] Using PowerShell

Sometimes the applications are not restored as explained in solution 4. In that case, you can restore the applications using PowerShell. To restore the Photos application via PowerShell, the procedure is as follows:

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. Write the command Shell Power and press Enter to open the PowerShell window.

2] Type the following command to uninstall the Photos app and press Enter:

Get-AppxPackage * photos * | Remove-AppxPackage

3] Once uninstallation is complete, the application may be reinstalled using the following command:

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml”}

4] Restart the system and see if that helps.

Solution 6] Use third party applications

If an update prevented Paint and Photos from opening the .jpeg files, we could use a third-party app, as they would generally not be affected by Windows updates. Try one of the reputable ones available online.

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