Some updates could not be installed due to the PC shutdown error in Windows 10 Fix

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Windows update is installed on the system upon reboot. If you force the system to shut down while updating Windows, the update will not install correctly on your system. Also, when you restart your computer, you will see "Some updates could not be installed because the PC was turned off"Message. To fix this problem, follow these solutions on your computer, but before continuing, follow these solutions to try some simpler solutions to the problem.

Alternative solutions

1. Requires system restart to complete normal Windows update processes. Restart your computer and see if it works.

2. If you are using an antivirus on your computer, temporarily disable it and check if it can update your system.

If one of these simpler tricks didn't work, follow these solutions:

Fix-1 Delete the contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder-

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch Running.

2. Digita “cmd“And press Ctrl + Shift + Enter together. Click on "Yup“If required User Account Control.

System symbol The window with administrative rights will open.

2. Now, copy Y paste these commands one by one in the Window System Symbol and press Log in after each command to execute them. This will temporarily stop the necessary Windows Service update components.

net stop wuauerv net stop cryptSvc net stop bits net stop msiserver

Minimize Window System Symbol.

3. Once again, press Tasto Windows + R have lunch run, and so copy paste this line and hit Log in.


Note- Replace "C:“With the drive letter of the Windows installation.

download The folder will open in the File Browser window.

4. Now press Ctrl + A to select all folders and press "To remove“To empty the binder Software Distribution. Close Window File Browser.

5. Maximize the Window System Symbol.

Now you have to start what you need to update Windows services again.

6. To do it copy and incolla these following commands one by one in System symbol window and knock Log in after each command to execute them-

net start wuauserv net start cryptSvc net start bits net start msiserver

Now, start again your computer. After reboot, check if you can update Windows or not.

If that doesn't help, find the next solution.

Fix-2 automate Windows update service-

Windows Update Automation The service on your computer can help you.

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch running on your computer.

2 inch run window, type "services.msc“And then press Log in.

Services window will open.

2 inch Services window, scroll down and find "Windows update"Service. double click on it to open its properties.

3-inch Update Windows Properties, click 'Start type:' and choose 'Automatic".

4. Check if "Service Status: 'is"Running"or not. Otherwise, click "Stellat “to start the process.

5. Finally, click on "To apply"Y"ok“To save the changes on your computer.

Close the Services window on your computer.

Fix-3 Empty Catroot2 Folder-

1. Press Tasto Windows + R have lunch run window on your computer.

2. Now, copy paste this position in running window then knocks Log in to go to the location.



Replace "C:“With the drive letter where Windows is installed on your computer.

3 inch catroot2 folder, select all folders and then press'To remove'to delete all the contents of the folder.

Close File Browser.

Try updating your computer again. Go to the next solution if it doesn't work.

Fix-4 Run Windows Update Troubleshooter-

If nothing fixes your problem, run Windows Update Troubleshooter to detect and fix the problem at the end.

1. Click the Search box next to the Windows icon, type “Troubleshoot configuration issues".

2. In the elevated search results, click "Troubleshoot configuration issues".

2. Now on the right side of your Settings window, scroll down to find Get Started section, click "Windows update"And then click"Run the troubleshooter".

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and let Windows Update Troubleshooter complete the process.

Now click on "The next“In the troubleshooting window.

This process will take some time as Windows will detect any problems with the pending update.

3. Now click on "The next“To apply the correction.

Four. Restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, try updating your Windows update.

Your system should update without further problems.

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