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Do you suspect that your partner exchanges suspicious messages with someone and curiosity does not allow you to live peacefully? You want to check the account of an acquaintance of yours to see if he is up to something against you.
There is a way to do all this, even if it is not really a legitimate business.
Let's find out together how to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number in our dedicated guide.

Spy on whatsapp conversations without installing programs it is possible and we will provide the best solutions for you. Just take a few minutes and you will have everything clearer on how to read whatsapp messages from another number.

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Spy on WhatsApp knowing the number

Knowing what others think of us has always been one of those things we wish we had known. It can be frightening, sometimes it can cause earthquakes, but it is often useful.

There are many solutions that allow you to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number of the desired person. App, Crack and Inflation Systems more or less legal.


Another solution among spying software is i-Spy, a small program that we also met during the TV show Iene (find out how to contact the hyenas).

With this system you can easily read your children's emails and SMS, spy on Whatsapp and Facebook and even reply to suspicious contacts for them. The GPS position function is also active which will help you locate the desired person.

How to use i-Spy

With I-Spy it is possible to record telephone conversations to have overwhelming and definitive evidence in hand. The Spy Software for Mobile allows you to activate the camera and the microphone of the smart phone remotely and without the knowledge of the user! The mobile phone can easily sit on the table or in your pocket, while you watch and listen to what is happening live.

Understanding how i-Spy works is very simple. After you have ordered your favorite solution (off you go from 9 euros up to almost 400 with respect to the version and duration of the subscription) just follow the simple instructions on the official website to start spying on the desired person. The software is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to read whatsapp messages from another number.

How to spy on Whatsapp via mSPy

Another application that was introduced at this time by the mSpy program is that of whatsapp control. Through the app it is possible to monitor every message, media and conversation of the phone under control.

Whether it's your child or a relative, mSpy allows both on android and iphone to track conversations and media (and track the location) in a few moments. To do this, just go to the site and download the app.

Once installed you will have 24/24 support and you can start monitoring the activity of the whatsapp number entered


The first solution to read whatsapp messages from another number is iKeyMonitor, an application available for both Android and iPhone. It performs the function of monitoring the messages exchanged on the WhatsApp chat, recording the words and phrases typed on the keyboard, recording screenshots and even monitoring online searches. You can take advantage of a 3-day free trial, after which it costs around 40 euro / month.

How to use iKeyMonitor

What to do to use the app? After installing it on the smartphone to be monitored, you can access its management panel by opening the browser and typing the address localhost: 8888. In this way it will be possible to activate your free trial, simply by pressing the Get 3-day trial license button and entering a password to protect access to the app.

Well now you will be able to view iKeyMonitor main menu and access all its functions: keystrokes for words and phrases typed on the keyboard, Chats for messaging app messages, Call history for call history. Even from the settings it is possible to set the sending of geographical position and screenshots via email to an address of your choice. The software is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number.


Among the professional applications for spy on other users' messages on WhatsApp any one is particularly suitable. Spyzie allows you to keep track of SMS, calls, social apps.
It is based on a GPS module that tracks movement, stealth mode is active and activities can be viewed remotely.
No rooting or jailbreaking is required to work and is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

How to use Spyzie

First you will need to register an account on Spyzie.com or within the Spyzie app (available on the App Store and Play Store). Once the account is created, it can be used both on the desktop and within the app itself.
Enter the target phone or device information after registering the account and complete the installation process Spyzie Wizard.

Once everything is done, you can check all monitored data on the Spyzie dashboard. To view the call logs, click on the call option listed on the left side. The detailed content is displayed on the right side of the control panel.
You can click the Refresh button to synchronize the latest call logs on the monitored device. Spyzie costs from 29 to 99 euro, compared to the solution you will choose and you will be able to spy on WhatsApp knowing the number of the "lucky one".

How to spy on Whatsapp knowing the number for free

If there are professional solutions, it is also true that there are cheaper methods. To understand how to spy on whatsapp knowing the free number, here are some apps for you.


Another suitable tool to understand how to spy on whatsapp knowing the number is Flexypy. This software is one of the most complete and is compatible with iOS, Android and all PCs.

How to use FlexySpy

To start understanding how to use FlexySpy you need to go to the official website and buy one of the proposed versions. The price varies by 60 340 in euros approximately and varies by the type of setting chosen. There is also the free version available only for mobile (we recommend you try it before buying the full ones).

FlexySpy allows you to monitor all audio and digital communications on Android and iPhone systems and everything that happens on PC or Mac.
It has a remote control system, a free Mobile App Viewer, is used to control your wires and can be used for that of employees and allows you to read whatsapp messages from another number.


The first application that comes to your mind is called WhatsOnLine, and was devised several years ago. This application is free if you use it once, but it requires credits if you want to use it several times. Spying on whatsapp conversations without installing programs will therefore be possible.

How WhatsOnLine works

To understand how WhatsOnLine works just follow the guidelines of the official website. It is in fact sufficient to enter the phone number you want to monitor and the whole application will do it. will give you detailed information about WhatsApp activities. The version for Android is also out, because in the past only the iPhone version was available.


Among the free tools for spy on WhatsApp there is a very interested.
Whatsdog is a simple tool that notifies you when a contact connects to WhatsApp, even if that person has made that information private, thus allowing you to spy on any phone number.
The interesting thing is that you don't have to have WhatsApp installed, nor have the number saved in the address book. Just enter a phone number to check and the app will give you detailed information about that person's connection and disconnection from WhatsApp.

How WhatsDog Works

When you start using the app, a calendar will be created in which you will see the complete history and statistics of the contacts followed. This way you will be able to know how many times he or she has connected in the last 24 hours, in the last week or even in the last 30 days, and exactly for how long.
You can also configure WhatsDog to notify you the exact moment the number appears online. Spying on whatsapp conversations without installing programs with WhatsDog has never been easier


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