Stay connected to the internet in Windows 10 sleep mode

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Have you noticed that the network disconnects when your Windows PC is in sleep mode? Well, this is a common scenario. However, there are times when you want the network connection to be active even when your PC is in sleep mode. So how do you configure your Windows 10 PC to avoid disconnecting from the network during hibernation? That is how..

Method 1: how to keep network connection active even when Windows 10 is in sleep mode using power plan

Step 1: press the windows button and click settings located on the energia button.

Step 2: Click on System option to open the Systems window.

Step 3: Click on the left side of the screen Energy and sleep option. Then, on the right side of the scene, scroll down to Related settings category and click Additional power settings.

Step 4: A Power options window, click Change your plan settings next to the active power plan. In this case, it is configured on Balanced.

Step 5. In the next window, below Change your plan settingsclick your Change the advanced power settings to open the file Advanced Settings dialog box for Power options.

Step 6: Find and expand the option Standby network connectivity under the Balanced option. Now, change both of them Into the battery e Connected options for Qualified state. Click on To apply and so ok per salvare I modified it.

This setting will allow the PC to remain connected to the network even in sleep mode.

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