Steam Api DLL error in Windows 10

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Steam spi dll is a known bug encountered by gamers who prefer to play Steam which is one of the leading online game providers. Steam has an online library of games and to play these games you need to contact steam_api.dll. This is when you notice the error.

The steam_api.dll files are usually modified while playing a game and this modified file is detected by the antivirus software as a virus threat and subsequently archived for quarantine. This can happen when you have installed a game on your computer or it was detected as a virus during the virus scan. Furthermore, the error can also appear in licensed games.

Fortunately though, this error can be corrected / Let's see how.

Solution: download steam_api.dll

Step 1: Open Google and search steam_api.dll download and click on the first result.

Step 2: Now that you are on the download page, scroll down to the download section where you will see a list of downloads. We select the first a 32 bit architecture. This download is also suitable for 64-bit architecture. Click on download connection.

Step 3: Once downloaded, click download to open the file. It will take you directly to the location saved in File Explorer.

4 phase: Now press the button Windows key + E Open Browser in files. In the File Explorer window, click the View tab at the top and bottom, click Options on the right.

Step 5: A Folder options, click View tab and below Advanced Settings, Go to Hidden files and folders section. Under this, check if the Show hidden files, folders or drivers is selected. If you don't select the radio button next to it, click To apply e ok to save changes and exit.

Step 6: Now click This PC. On the right side of the panel, double-click C to drive [THE C:)].

Step 7: Then scroll down and double click windows.

Step 8: Now if your computer is a 64 bit version, scroll down and double click System32. If it is one 32 bit version, double click SysWOW64. Here we double-clicked System32 since our machine is a 64 bit version.

Step 9: Now copy steam_api.dll from download for free folder in System32 binder.

Step 10: Then click on the file Follow in the message to continue the copy process.

That is. Steam_api.dll is saved in the System32 folder and you should now not encounter the error again when trying to play a Steam game.

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